LEI at 20 – Where Are We Going Next?

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

LEI turns 20 hanseiWOMACK'S YOKOTEN – As the Lean Enterprise Institute turns 20, its founder provides us with a bit of hansei on where we are and where we are going next as a community, and on what challenges we might tackle.

Listen to the Lean Fiddler

Profiles By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

Mirette Kangas lean thinking profilePROFILE – Persevering, letting people inspire you and committing to continuous learning. These are the things you need to do to successfully embrace lean thinking and, it turns out, learn to play the violin.

The Lean Zoo

Case studies By: Jeff Foster
Jeff Foster

lean at San Diego ZooCASE STUDY – Lean thinking is transforming San Diego Zoo Global, helping this century-old organization provide a better experience to its visitors and a better life to its animals.

The Lean Secret to Making Elephants Dance

Features By: Michael Ballé , Eve Parier & Dan Jones
Michael Ballé , Eve Parier & Dan Jones

lean plan Parier Balle JonesFEATURE – Is there such a thing as a lean plan? There is, but it's not an off-the-shelf solution that will appease your boss – and that's why traditional, bureaucratic organizations continue to exist.

Lean at Your Service

Interviews By: Beau Keyte
Beau Keyte

lean services interviewINTERVIEW – With more and more organizations in the service sector adopting lean thinking to turn around their modus operandi, it only makes sense to highlight the struggles and misconceptions they still encounter.

The Work of Management

Interviews By: Jim Lancaster
Jim Lancaster

work of management Lancaster interviewINTERVIEW – Does your company feel like a sand castle? Do you struggle to sustain lean results? At the recent Lean Transformation Summit, the CEO of Lantech told us how the firm is using daily management to prevent “deterioration”.

Patient Welfare First

Features By: Intensive Care Nursery team
Intensive Care Nursery team

Siena hospital neonatal careFEATURE – Another month, another story of a lean project told by the Siena hospital front-line folks. This time we take you to the Intensive Care Nursery, whose layout was transformed to provide better care to premature newborns.

Lean Is No Dummy Pill

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

Proditec gemba walk ChabironNOTES FROM THE GEMBA – Follow Catherine on another one of her gemba walks around French companies. This time, she visits a manufacturer of inspecting machines near Bordeaux, with a visionary leader and a great story.

(Lean)novation to Change the World

Features By: Ayperi Okur
Ayperi Okur

lean for innovation Ayperi OkurFEATURE – We spend a lot of time talking about innovation, but what is the actual impact of leveraging lean to achieve it? As the author points out, the potential is huge, provided certain conditions are met.

Leveraging Lean to Go Digital

Case studies By: Marc McNeill
Marc McNeill

Auto Trader lean transformationCASE STUDY – Around four years ago, classified ads magazine Auto Trader printed its final issue and moved to a web-only business model. As its digital transformation progressed, the company discovered why real innovation must become business-as-usual.

When Agile Meets Lean

Interviews By: Dimitri Baeli
Dimitri Baeli

agile and lean at LesFurets.comINTERVIEW – After transitioning from agile to lean kanban, French insurance comparison company LesFurets.com has found in lean management an ever stronger foundation for value creation.

A Countermeasure to B-School Education

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

WOMACK’S YOKOTEN – Somehow surprisingly, management schools teach very little about management, and when they do all learning is classroom-based. Instead, they should go to the gemba.

The Lean Engine

Opinion pieces By: Boaz Tamir
Boaz Tamir

lean innovation unleashedOPINION – Our systems to develop new products are slow and inadequate for the ever-changing markets we have to work in. The author describes the three lean elements that will unlock your potential to innovate.

To Serve and to Lean

Interviews By: Eng. Omar Al-Khaja
Eng. Omar Al-Khaja

lean management dubai policeINTERVIEW – When we say that lean thinking can be applied to any human endeavor, we mean it. In this Q&A we learn about how knowledge sharing has been boosting the improvement journey of Dubai Police.

Pick Yourself up, Dust Yourself off, Start Over

Features By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

Michael Ballé observe orient and learn by doingFEATURE – When lean seems to fail, leaders should persist and work even harder to bring people on the journey - by observing the situation, providing clear success criteria, and learning together on the job. That's what leading with lean is about.

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