Supplier Development at John Deere

Interviews By: Ángel Sanz Fernández
Ángel Sanz Fernández

john deere lean supply chainINTERVIEW – For the past year, agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere Ibérica has worked to spread lean thinking to the supply chain. We met with them in Madrid to understand how they’re going about it.

Here's an Idea: Run to Time

Features By: Ian Glenday
Ian Glenday

Levelled production run to timeFEATURE – What if we ran our production schedule to time instead of quantity? While creating overproduction, running to time is a temporary first step to establish levelled production with fixed repetitive cycles.

Thinking Lean, Gifting Life

Features By: Michael Hagan , Bruce Nicely & Matt Zayko
Michael Hagan , Bruce Nicely & Matt Zayko

Lean at an organ donation NGOFEATURE – A Michigan NGO that facilitates organ and tissue donation shares its experience with value stream mapping, reflecting on people coming together to understand the gap between current and future state.

Reinventing a Business Model with Lean Thinking

Interviews By: Ronald Uchil
Ronald Uchil

lean transformation GerabINTERVIEW – Lean is making inroads in the Middle East! In this interview, a Senior VP of Gerab National Enterprises tells us how the company is using lean to reinvent itself as a project management firm.

Leveraging TWI to Onboard Employees

Features By: D. Chmielewska-Bien , R. Mackowiak & M. Ziemann
D. Chmielewska-Bien , R. Mackowiak & M. Ziemann

TWI KK WindFEATURE – When you are hiring 20-30 people in a week, getting them up to speed with the company’s way of working becomes critical. But how to do it effectively? A Polish factory found the answer in TWI.

The Answer Man

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

womack yokoten answer manWOMACK'S YOKOTEN – As a first instinct, most of us tend to provide answers and solutions rather than ask questions. In this month's Yokoten, Jim Womack provides advice on how to fight this behavior and become a coach.

From Individual Brilliance to Team Innovation

Opinion pieces By: Boaz Tamir
Boaz Tamir

group innovation lean thinkingOPINION – Development managers and start-up entrepreneurs are under the illusion that innovation is just the work of especially talented individuals, but in today's world resource sharing and teamwork are preferable.

Where Do You Draw Your Lean Inspiration From?

Features By: Planet Lean
Planet Lean

one question five answers inspirationONE QUESTION, FIVE ANSWERS – Inspiration can help us solve a problem, get our colleagues interested in lean, or even pick ourselves up after a failure. But where do we get it from? We asked five practitioners.

Scaling up Agile at a Broadcasting Company

Case studies By: Mirette Kangas
Mirette Kangas

YLE lean transformationCASE STUDY – The Finnish Broadcasting Company has been leveraging lean thinking to scale up its agile work. In the process, it has developed a greater understanding of customer value.

So You Want to Create a Lean Culture, Eh?

Features By: Michael Ballé & Klaus Beulker
Michael Ballé & Klaus Beulker

FEATURE – We all want to create a lean culture in our organizations, but what makes cultural change possible? And, more importantly, what are the leadership behaviors that enable a new culture to take root?

Leaning Out a Digital Marketing Agency

Features By: Javier Oliete
Javier Oliete

Lean management at Neo@OgilvyFEATURE – With lean thinking, Madrid-based Neo@Ogilvy is hoping to create a stronger connection with customers, thus learning to create value for them and redefining the overall purpose of marketing.

If You Think Lean Is Inherently Japanese, Think Again

Features By: Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson Japanese cultureFEATURE – How many times do we hear people say lean is not for them because “it’s a Japanese thing”? After spending 18 months in Japan, the author explains why the country’s culture is not necessarily "lean by nature".

More Costs and No Value? Banish The “Blues”!

Features By: Ian Glenday
Ian Glenday

levelled production eliminate the bluesFEATURE – There is a form of waste – complexity in raw and packaging materials – that adds costs to manufacturing without creating value, but it is often overlooked. The author explains what it is and how to banish it.

Autonomous Teams for Better Train Maintenance

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

SNCF train maintenanceNOTES FROM THE GEMBA - We follow the author on a visit to a train maintenance center in France. Through practical examples and pictures from the gemba, she explains how the center is transforming itself.

How Lean Helped Us Focus on What’s Important

Features By: Fabiano Clerico & Furio Clerico
Fabiano Clerico & Furio Clerico

Gemba tokheim italiaFEATURE – When market changes caused operational problems in their firm, two top managers decided to stick to lean thinking (and a set of specific practices) – learning to focus on what truly matters and letting their people embrace problem-solving.