Lean Thinking and the Human Nature

Research By: Art Smalley & David Mann
Art Smalley & David Mann

lean management human natureRESEARCH – Human behavior tends to make change even harder to attain than it already is. This brilliant research paper looks at change from a psychological, technical and leadership point of view.

The Right Bed at the Right Time

Features By: Internal Medicine Team
Internal Medicine Team

internal medicine siena hospitalFEATURE – Every year, Siena University Hospital runs a Lean Day to celebrate and award its best lean projects. In this new series, front-line people write about five of these initiatives: first up, Internal Medicine.

Turning IT Leaders into Coaches

Interviews By: Amy Evans
Amy Evans

nordstrom coaching modelINTERVIEW – We meet one of this year's Lean IT Summit speakers to hear about her team’s effective approach to turning Nordstrom’s IT leaders into coaches and truly supporting the firm's lean transformation.

What Our Visual Management Mistakes Taught Us

Features By: Cécile Roche
Cécile Roche

visual management at thales groupFEATURE – How do you ensure that visual management doesn’t become anything more than a way to reassure the boss, rather than foster a learning and problem solving culture? The author reflects on her company’s journey towards effective visualization.

Transform Yourself as a Leader, Transform your Business

Interviews By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

Balle lead with leanVIDEO  We constantly talk about the role of leadership, but perhaps we don't realize just how intertwined leadership transformation and business transformation really are. This short video discusses why.

The Spark that Ignited Change at the BBC

Interviews By: Adrian Ruth & Gemma Tomkinson
Adrian Ruth & Gemma Tomkinson

BBC Spark lean programINTERVIEW – The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has been working with a lean-inspired improvement program that is gradually transforming the culture of the business – one creative idea at a time.

What Would Lean Trade Look Like?

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

Jim Womack on lean tradeWOMACK'S YOKOTEN – Between the upcoming Brexit negotiations and the protectionist stance of the new US Administration, trade is making the headlines once again. But what would trade look like in a world of lean organizations?

Offer Your Employees a Partnership, or They'll Leave

Opinion pieces By: Boaz Tamir
Boaz Tamir

talent retainment digital revolutionOPINION – The digital revolution has forever changed the nature of employment: today's workers have more choice and employers competing for them than ever before. It's about time our approach to HR reflected that.

The Trade-Offs of Lean

Profiles By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

lean leadership profile Cecile RochePROFILE – We may think it is cut and dried, but lean thinking is, in fact, full of paradoxes and trade-offs. According to Cécile Roche, learning to navigate them is one of the defining traits of a lean leader.

Three Challenges Banks Face, and How Lean IT Can Help

Features By: Marie-Pia Ignace
Marie-Pia Ignace

challenges banking lean itFEATURE – The banking sector is floundering in the face of heavy regulation and increased competition from fintechs. So what can banks do? The author suggests they embrace lean IT in order to change their ways.

Let's Think of Lean as a Strategy

Interviews By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

Michael Balle on lean strategyINTERVIEW – In this interview, Michael Ballé discusses lean thinking as a strategy, how to unearth problems, and the best (or only) way to initiate a lean transformation.

Leadership Lessons from Donald Trump

Opinion pieces By: Daniel Markovitz
Daniel Markovitz

OPINION – Tomorrow, January 20, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as 45th President of the United States. What can his campaign and dumbfounding victory teach us about leadership?

John Shook: Here's Why Lean Keeps Thriving

Interviews By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

John Shook lean thinking interviewINTERVIEW – In this must-read Q&A, our editor sits down with lean guru John Shook to discuss the meaning of failure, the nature of innovation, and the resilience of our movement.

The (He)art of Lean

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

Hôpital Lariboisière lean in healthcareNOTES FROM THE GEMBA – On this gemba walk in the cardiology department of a Parisian hospital, the author discovers how the team is changing its internal dynamics and processes to make lean their way of thinking.

The Right People in the Right Place

Features By: Ian Glenday
Ian Glenday

Glenday dedicated equipmentFEATURE – If we have high-volume (green) and low-volume (red) items in our production schedule, doesn’t it make sense to also have dedicated green and red equipment whenever possible?

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