Unraveling the IT knot

Features By: Marie-Pia Ignace , Regis Medina , and Sandrine Olivencia
Marie-Pia Ignace , Regis Medina , and Sandrine Olivencia

ARTICLE - IT has become such a huge part of our lives that it is somehow surprising that more has not been done to improve it yet. Lean thinking and agile have the power to make software development and IT processes less knotty, but before they can their relationship and prerogatives must be understood.

Lean always crosses borders

Opinion pieces By: Malgorzata Jakubik
Malgorzata Jakubik

OPINION - How often have you heard the sentence, “Lean can’t work here – this isn’t Japan”? Probably more than you can remember. Here’s why national traits are simply another excuse to justify a failed attempt to change.

A Leap of Faith

Interviews By: Peter Willats
Peter Willats

INTERVIEW - What does "leading through incompetence" mean? Peter Willats discusses the role of leadership in a lean management system and  the evolution of lean thinking.

Learning from Chinese medicine

Features By: Marcus Chao
Marcus Chao

ARTICLE - Lean thinking draws inspiration and has the ability to learn from a variety of sources, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why it's been able to adapt so well to applications in so many environments. And sometimes the greatest learnings are hidden in unexpected places. Ever wondered what acupuncture and lean have in common?

Growing Pains

Case studies By: Flavio Battaglia
Flavio Battaglia

IOV brazil lean healthcare

CASE STUDY - What does having a new “true north” mean? Following a merger with a large healthcare group, Brazil-based outpatient cancer treatment center Instituto de Oncologia do Vale is looking at ways to seamlessly spread its successful lean management system to new operations and facilities.

Happy birthday, LMI!

News By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

NEWS - In February, the Dutch affiliate of the Lean Global Network turned 10, and to mark the occasion a party was organized. Friends old and new joined institute staff for a night to remember, between canapés and a stroll in the Oobeya.

Cost-cutting made smart

Columns By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

COLUMN - What is the relationship between lean thinking and cost-cutting? Here's why you should focus on improvements as opposed to slashing a budget.


A complete turnaround

Interviews By: Art Byrne
Art Byrne

INTERVIEW - To really change, an organization must use lean management as a strategic asset rather than just a set of tools. In this interview, Art Byrne talks about rewarding people and the process of transforming companies.

The layoffs taboo

Features By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

ARTICLE - Can a company be considered lean if its improvement efforts result in layoffs? Michael Ballé, PhD answers this frequently asked question drawing from his own experience dealing with organizations.

Rethinking Local Government

Case studies By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

solihull lean transformation

CASE STUDY - In November last year, a town in the West Midlands made the headlines after a survey named it the best place to live in the United Kingdom. Lean may not be directly responsible for the achievement, but there is little doubt it gave its contribution. LGN speaks with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to hear what it takes to bring lean thinking to local government and change the lives of citizens.

Hanging by a Thread? Go Lean

Case studies By: Can Yükselen , Neslin Özkaya and Yücel Molla
Can Yükselen , Neslin Özkaya and Yücel Molla

yesim textiles turkey lean

CASE STUDY - Faced with high costs, low demand and growing competition from China, Turkish textile manufacturer Yesim managed to develop a competitive advantage by transforming the way it does business with lean thinking and increasing its focus on the customer

From Russia with Lean

Interviews By: Anton Ulanov
Anton Ulanov

INTERVIEW - Anton Ulanov is the CEO of one of the largest agricultural businesses in Russia. Here, he speaks with LGN about the application of lean at Agroholding Kuban, discussing the challenges and opportunities for the implementation of the methodology in agriculture and in the wider context of business in Russia. 

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