An I.T. mind - Saving your job

Columns By: Rodrigo Aquino
Rodrigo Aquino

COLUMN - A lean transformation is not just a prerogative of top management, but a goal to be shared across an organization. Here's a few thoughts on how I.T. people specifically can contribute to a turnaround.

Q&A: Toyota Motor Europe

Interviews By: Planet Lean
Planet Lean

INTERVIEW - Pierre Masai, CIO of Toyota Motor Europe, discusses IT across the company's operations in Europe, highlighting the importance of people engagement and experiments.

A New, Lean Factory for LEGO

Interviews By: Ilona Takács
Ilona Takács

lean manufacturing lego factory

INTERVIEW – Planet Lean meets LEGO’s Ilona Takács to learn how the toy manufacturer looked at its corporate values to built a new, super-lean factory in eastern Hungary.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Case studies By: Rienk Gerritsen
Rienk Gerritsen

lean methodology length of stay

CASE STUDY - This article reports on the efforts that Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands has made to apply Theory of Constraints to patients' length of stay.

Can We Design Enjoyable Work?

Research By: Michael Ballé & Jeff Liker
Michael Ballé & Jeff Liker

liker ballé enjoyable work

RESEARCH - Offering us a glimpse into how the human mind works and into Toyota's approach to people engagement, this article tells us how to create a better working environment for our employees.

Developing Suppliers with Lean Management

Features By: Norman Faull
Norman Faull

lean approach supply chain

FEATURE - Norman Faull, Director of Lean Institute Africa, talks about a supplier development project the institute took part in, and shares a few of the results achieved.

Business Growth, Human Growth

Columns By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

FEATURE - In his latest article, the author explains why pursuing human growth as part of our lean efforts is meaningless until we fully master our pull systems.

What Toyota Taught Me

Features By: Mark Reich
Mark Reich

toyota people development

FEATURE - The author looks back at his many years with Toyota and shares some of the key lessons he learned along the way. What a unique company!

Learning Lean in Wroclaw

Reviews By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

REVIEW - Roberto Priolo reviews the 14th Lean Management Conference, held earlier this month in Poland. With great presentations and speakers, the event left him with a lot to reflect on.

My Lean Story: Attila Tószegi

Columns By: Attila Tószegi
Attila Tószegi

COLUMN - In the second article of our series, the director of an elementary school in Budapest tells us how using PDCA can help to improve education and provide students with the right skills.

A guide to practical hoshin

Features By: Wiebe Nijdam
Wiebe Nijdam

FEATURE - Strategy deployment is fundamental to a lean transformation, but managers often struggle to understand its importance amid the day-to-day firefighting. This article will tell you how to make hoshin happen.

Hung(a)ry for lean

Reviews By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

REVIEW – Our editor attends the International Lean Conference in Budapest and shares some of the most important learnings of the day.

Understand Japan, Understand Lean

Opinion pieces By: Yalcin Ipbuken
Yalcin Ipbuken

OPINION - Yalçin Ipbuken, President of Lean Institute Turkey, looks back at a recent study mission to Japan and encourages every lean thinker to visit the country.

Q&A: KLM Catering Services

Interviews By: Frank van Velzen
Frank van Velzen

INTERVIEW - Having to adapt to changing customer needs, KLM Catering Services decided to turn to lean thinking, reducing its changeover times and recycling more.

The Joy of a Greenfield

Features By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

FEATURE - In this essay, first appeared in his book Gemba Walks, Jim P. Womack describes the benefits of launching lean in a greenfield environment drawing from his experience volunteering in Central America.