The Two Realities of Lean that Scare Most CEOs

Features By: Orry Fiume
Orry Fiume

Orry Fiume lean realities that scare CEOsFEATURE – CEOs need to see people as assets and transform their companies’ product development systems if they are to tap into the full potential of a lean strategy.

Leverage Kaizen in Digital to Successfully Scale

Features By: Fabrice Bernhard
Fabrice Bernhard

lean improvement lean software developmentBUILDING BRIDGES – Struggling to scale a new product past its MVP phase, Theodo tried a number of things before realizing that the only way to retain quality and speed is kaizen.

Changing Our Dealership, and Lives in the Township

Features By: James Wood
James Wood

car dealership lean leadership FEATURE – The principal of the Halfway Ottery dealership explains how their lean culture based on respect and improvement is not only changing the business, but transforming the lives of people in the townships.

Improving Customer Service by Reorganizing the Work

Interviews By: Aida Llevot
Aida Llevot

work improvement 365 bakery lean managementTHE LEAN BAKERY – In this video, a shop coordinator explains how the 365 bakeries were able to speed up service to customers and ensure product quality by reorganizing work and responsibilities.

Working on the Line

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

Womack production lineWOMACK’S YOKOTEN – This month, the author looks at the production line, a century-old idea that still fascinates us, reflecting on how lean thinking has changed it.

Lean Is a Must-Have for an Effective Digital Transformation

Features By: Flávio Picchi & Christopher Thompson
Flávio Picchi & Christopher Thompson

lean digital transformationFEATURE – Organizations can only reap the full benefits of modern technologies if they pair up their digitalization efforts with an enterprise-wide lean transformation.

Designing Our Summit

Interviews By: Dave Brunt
Dave Brunt

UK lean summit interview BruntINTERVIEW – This year’s UK Lean Summit promises to be the greatest yet. The icing on the cake? A gemba walk with Dan Jones and Jim Womack. Here we learn how the event is organized.

From 'French Fab' to 'French Tech'

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

kaizen karakuri lean workNOTES FROM THE GEMBA – If you need proof that kaizen leads to real innovation, look no further than AIO. This French Tech company that reinvented itself as a karakuri kaizen coach.

Safe as Houses

Case studies By: Nigel Dalton
Nigel Dalton

digital transformation lean thinking REA GroupCASE STUDY – How do you keep up with a market changing at the speed of light? The Chief Inventor of an Australian digital company explains how they are using lean to safeguard their future.

Lean Thinking Women

Interviews By: Cécile Roche , Maria-Pia Ignace & Monica Rossi
Cécile Roche , Maria-Pia Ignace & Monica Rossi

lean thinking women gender equityLEAN THINKING WOMEN – We speak with women lean leaders about the link between gender equity and the creation of value as well as the value of diversity to the global lean community.

A New Priority: Patient Flow

Interviews By: Frederico Tarrago
Frederico Tarrago

lean hospital flow Moinhos de VentoINTERVIEW – By making lean its way of thinking and acting, a hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil was able to dramatically improve patient flow and transform its culture.

Lean and the Art of Baking

Interviews By: Jesus Marquez
Jesus Marquez

lean bakery workshop gemba walkTHE LEAN BAKERY – In the second video in the series, we visit the stock-free workshop of one of 365's lean bakeries and learn about quality bread, customer focus and making lives easier for bakers.

What Have We Learned about Traditional Management?

Features By: Michael Ballé , Dan Jones & Jacques Chaize
Michael Ballé , Dan Jones & Jacques Chaize

analysing traditional managementFEATURE – Lean has now been around for quite some time, and its impact on business world is hard to dispute. But what does it tell us about traditional management practices?

Insuring Our Future by Going Lean

Case studies By: Luciana Gomes
Luciana Gomes

lean thinking insurance company SulamericaCASE STUDY – An insurance company in São Paulo is experiencing a complete turnaround driven by a very capable Lean Office that understands its role is to gradually make people autonomous.

Visualizing the Work in Our Finance Department

Features By: Nizar Sherfodien
Nizar Sherfodien

visual management car dealership lean financeVIDEO - Visualization has an important role to play in creating awareness of the problems and highlighting gaps as a key starting point for improvement, and this Finance Manager does it with dedication.

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