This Year Give Some Yokoten

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

WOMACKS YOKOTEN – Ahead of the holidays, for his last column of the year, the author reminds us of the power of sharing. Go out and spread the lean word!

Safeguarding the Future of Singapore’s Healthcare

Features By: Genedine Lim
Genedine Lim

Singapore lean healthcare LGNFEATURE – After Singapore Institute of Technology staff was introduced to lean thinking, a course was launched to provide healthcare workers with the lean skills they need to transform their organizations.

What Happened When We Switched to Value Streams

Interviews By: Leonidia Maria Altoé
Leonidia Maria Altoé

value stream lean managerINTERVIEW - What happens in an organization after a move from silos to value streams? In this video, a Value Stream Manager from a Brazilian cancer treatment center shares her experience.

What Can Software Developers Learn from Looms?

Features By: Marek Kalnik
Marek Kalnik

lean startup Toyota loomsBUILDING BRIDGES – In this new series, people from startup studio M33 discuss their relationship with lean thinking and how the methodology helps them in their daily work.

Saving Our Bacon

Case studies By: Heinrich and Lydia Badenhorst
Heinrich and Lydia Badenhorst

lean butchers continuous improvement BotswanaCASE STUDY – Faced with complex logistics and customer complaints, a small deli and butchery in Botswana saw in lean a way to bring the business back from the brink. The philosophy didn’t fail them.

Successfully Supplying Toyota

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

Mifune supply chain management ToyotaNOTES FROM THE GEMBA – This month, the author shares her account of a recent gemba walk at a Tier 2 Toyota supplier, which has achieved impressive results by applying TPS.

A 14-Month Complete Lean Turnaround

Case studies By: Kirstin Wallis & Morné Fourie
Kirstin Wallis & Morné Fourie

lean thinking at the Halfway Production CentreCASE STUDY – One-piece flow and a focus on lean leadership and kaizen have allowed the Halfway Production Centre in Johannesburg to turn itself around in just 14 months.

17 Years on the Journey, Still Going Strong

Interviews By: Mario Nardi
Mario Nardi

Pietro Fiorentini interviewINTERVIEW – At the European Lean Summit in Venice, our editor sat down with Italy’s lean CEO extraordinaire. His company, which serves the natural gas industry, has been on the journey for almost two decades.

The Challenge of 5S

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

womack on sustaining 5sWOMACK’S YOKOTEN – 5S seems to mean different things to different people. What’s common, however, is the difficulty to sustain it. The author offers a few tips.

Lessons from Toyota New Global Architecture

Features By: Lex Schroeder
Lex Schroeder

Toyota New Global ArchitectureFEATURE – Following a webinar with product development expert Jim Morgan, the author reflects on what the Toyota New Global Architecture and Chief Engineer system can teach us.

Making Our Work World Class

Interviews By: Luciano Massone
Luciano Massone

WCM interview lean thinkingINTERVIEW – At the recent European Lean Summit, we sat down with a senior executive from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to learn more about the company’s World Class Manufacturing approach.

Desperately Seeking Kaizen

Features By: Michael Ballé , Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle & Régis Médina
Michael Ballé , Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle & Régis Médina

Michael Ballé on kaizenFEATURE – Following a visit to a Toyota supplier in Japan, the authors reflect on the nature of kaizen and explain why we might be looking for it in the wrong place.

Learning and Inspiration in Toyota City

Features By: Planet Lean
Planet Lean

lean global network japanROUND-UP – The Lean Global Network’s week in Japan in September was full of learning and inspiration. We asked five LGNers to share their biggest takeaways.

Follow a CEO in the Hospital's Obeya

Features By: Carlos Frederico Pinto
Carlos Frederico Pinto

Green Room hoshin kanri lean hospitalVIDEO - The CEO of a cancer center in Brazil gives us a tour of the their obeya room, taking us through their strategy deployment and explaining how it supports their mission of reducing the burden of cancer.

Conditioning Product Development

Interview By: Alberto Bianchi , Gabriele Bramezza & Giulio Dal Lin
Alberto Bianchi , Gabriele Bramezza & Giulio Dal Lin

lean product development carel industriesINTERVIEW – A specialist in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating, Carel Industries first applied lean to R&D a decade ago, when few companies did. We asked them how their journey unfolded. 

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