Revolutionizing Car Repairs and Servicing

Features By: Michael Mruma , Veronica Selelo & Lebo Ketwesepe
Michael Mruma , Veronica Selelo & Lebo Ketwesepe

Halfway Ngami lean transformationFEATURE – You have never seen a workshop like this before: Halfway Ngami in Botswana has creatively transformed car servicing and repairs by making problems visible and introducing flow.

Social Heijunka

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

womack social heijunka good jobsWOMACK’S YOKOTEN – Toyota’s commitment to employees reminds us that it is impossible to tap into the full potential of lean without providing people with stable, gratifying employment.

How Visual Management Is Transforming Our ER

Features By: Laura Friggi Peters de Holanda
Laura Friggi Peters de Holanda

visual management lean hospital SPDMVIDEO GEMBA WALK - Last week PL went to Brazil. We joined a doctor at the gemba in one of the hospitals we visited and asked her to show us their visual management system in the ER.

My Experience with Jidoka at GE and Amazon

Interviews By: Marc Onetto
Marc Onetto

lean thinking and Jidoka at Amazon and GEINTERVIEW – Catherine Chabiron sits down with Marc Onetto, a former executive with GE and Amazon, to discuss Jidoka and its profound effects on the way people work and think.

How We Hope to Transform Healthcare

Interview By: Alice Lee , Flávio Battaglia & Oriol Cuatrecasas
Alice Lee , Flávio Battaglia & Oriol Cuatrecasas

LGN lean healthcare initiativeVIDEO INTERVIEW – Last year, the Lean Global Network launched an initiative to leverage the knowledge of our institutes to positively impact the healthcare industry. We caught up with the group in São Paulo this week.

Lean for the Prosperity of Our Communities

Features By: Ben Hoseus , Kelly Nutty & Jason Schulist
Ben Hoseus , Kelly Nutty & Jason Schulist

lean thinking for community prosperityFEATURE – Riverview Gardens in an NGO striving to build prosperity for the community around it through capability development. The authors suggest this should be the goal for the lean community as a whole.

Inspiring a Revolution in Education

Interviews By: Ana Carolina Sarmento
Ana Carolina Sarmento

Lean education at Grupo AnimaINTERVIEW – Grupo Anima, a Brazilian private education organization with almost 100,000 high-school students enrolled, has revolutionized its culture since introducing lean. But it all started with one project…

Leveraging Book Clubs to Drive Improvement

Features By: Mike Schembri
Mike Schembri

lean book clubs at Fuji Xerox AustraliaFEATURE – In May, the author told us how the IT department at Fuji Xerox Australia used book clubs to engage people in lean. In this update, he explains how the efforts were brought over to a different area of the business.

Our Visit to Toyota

Interviews By: John Shook
John Shook

John Shook in Toyota City with the LGNINTERVIEW – For its 10th anniversary, the Lean Global Network went to Japan for a study mission. Our editor spoke with John Shook on a Shinkansen platform after four days in Toyota City and Nagoya.

Knowledge Belongs to Everyone in the Organization

Columns By: Boaz Tamir
Boaz Tamir

knowledge for everyone lean companiesCOLUMN – As lean teaches us, a command-and-control approach to management is bound to fail. What we need instead is trust in people, and decentralization of knowledge.

How We Grew Our Car Sales by 400%

Features By: Calvin Govender , Charmaine Lategan & Dale Thomas
Calvin Govender , Charmaine Lategan & Dale Thomas

lean sales Halfway OtteryFEATURE – For the first article in our series on the Halfway transformation, we asked the Sales team to tell us about how they apply lean to selling cars in a challenging social context.

Lean Coaching to Improve Education

Interviews By: Tony Lamberton
Tony Lamberton

christleton school lean educationINTERVIEW – Christleton Learning Trust in the UK is running several lean experiments across its three schools. We spoke with its CEO, who told us how coaching is supporting the transformation.

Don’t Be One-Dimensional in Your Lean Transformation

Features By: René Aernoudts
René Aernoudts

lean transformation multidimensional René AernoudtsFEATURE – Because each lean transformation is unique, we can't expect an off-the-shelf solution to work. The author discusses multi-dimensional transformations and how we can be flexible but also structured.

Alive and Well

Womack's Yokoten By: Jim Womack
Jim Womack

lean global network at Shokki plant WOMACK’S YOKOTEN – Last week, during a study mission in Japan, the Lean Global Network visited Toyota. Here, Jim shares his thoughts on what we saw and learned.

Coaching Young Californians to Make Them Independent

Interviews By: The Beyond Emancipation Team
The Beyond Emancipation Team

lean coaching Beyond EmancipationINTERVIEW – An organization in the San Francisco Bay Area is using coaching to increase its impact on the lives of foster youth. We had a chat with an extraordinary group of women to learn how they are doing it.

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