Case Studies

Playing a Different Tune

Case studies By: Kristian Lindwall
Kristian Lindwall

servant leadership spotify

CASE STUDY - How Spotify developed an alternative management system based on servant leadership, interaction-based learning and adaptability – changing the music industry along the way.

Saskatchewan: A Lean Government Lab

Case studies By: Dan Florizone
Dan Florizone

lean transformation saskatchewan

CASE STUDY – The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is running a bold experiment: applying lean management across all government. The driving force? A “compelling vision.”

Fuelling a Lean Journey

Case studies By: Fabiano Clerico
Fabiano Clerico

lean transformation tokheim

CASE STUDY - The Italian branch of Tokheim services about 3,000 gas stations in the central and northern parts of Italy. The general manager shares the story of how lean thinking changed everything, for the better.

Built to Last

Case studies By: C. Akil , E. Sarikaya & N. Soydan
C. Akil , E. Sarikaya & N. Soydan

cimtas lean thinking

CASE STUDY - A Turkish shipyard and engineering company has found that lean principles and practice are the only way to deliver unique, large construction projects efficiently and successfully.

Pietro Fiorentini: the Toyota of Italy

Case studies By: Arnaldo Camuffo
Arnaldo Camuffo

lean thinking pietro fiorentini

CASE STUDY – A unique approach to lean management and the involvement of CEO Mario Nardi helped Pietro Fiorentini, provider of solutions for natural gas distribution, become a model for lean companies in Italy.

A healthcare experiment in China

Case studies By: Guo , Ma & Zhang
Guo , Ma & Zhang

CASE STUDY - Three successful improvement projects at a hospital in Guangzhou are proving that lean healthcare in China is an opportunity that the sector cannot afford to miss.

Power to the People

Case studies By: Jonathan Escobar
Jonathan Escobar


CASE STUDY - Through the involvement of front line staff, Hartmann’s production plant near Barcelona is paving the way for an expansion into different markets and inspiring the adoption of lean across the multinational.

Building Improvement

Case studies By: René Aernoudts
René Aernoudts

dura vermeer lean construction

CASE STUDY - Addressing failure cost and introducing a new quoting process are only two of the ways in which Dutch construction company Dura Vermeer is successfully achieving a lean transformation.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Case studies By: Rienk Gerritsen
Rienk Gerritsen

lean methodology length of stay

CASE STUDY - This article reports on the efforts that Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands has made to apply Theory of Constraints to patients' length of stay.

Developing Suppliers with Lean Management

Case studies By: Norman Faull
Norman Faull

lean approach supply chain

CASE STUDY - Norman Faull, Director of Lean Institute Africa, talks about a supplier development project the institute took part in, and shares a few of the results achieved.

Making a City Great

Case studies By: Denise Bennett
Denise Bennett

lean city melbourne

CASE STUDY - How does lean contribute to making Melbourne one of the world’s most liveable cities year after year?  

Plowing Ahead

Case studies By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

lean thinking italy laverda

CASE STUDY - An approach based on Lean Daily Management System and experiments in a model area led an Italian manufacturer of combine-harvesters to become one of the leanest organizations in the Veneto region.

A healing organization

Case studies By: Cristina Fontcuberta Adalid
Cristina Fontcuberta Adalid

CASE STUDY - In the past two years, the Consorci Sanitari del Garraf, a 433-bed public healthcare organization near Barcelona, experienced a lean turnaround. Basing her reflections on LGN's Lean Transformation Model, Cristina Fontcuberta Adalid of the Instituto Lean Management gives us an overview of the key building blocks of the transformation, of the approach followed from the very beginning, and of the results achieved up to now.

Growing Pains

Case studies By: Flavio Battaglia
Flavio Battaglia

IOV brazil lean healthcare

CASE STUDY - What does having a new “true north” mean? Following a merger with a large healthcare group, Brazil-based outpatient cancer treatment center Instituto de Oncologia do Vale is looking at ways to seamlessly spread its successful lean management system to new operations and facilities.

Rethinking Local Government

Case studies By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

solihull lean transformation

CASE STUDY - In November last year, a town in the West Midlands made the headlines after a survey named it the best place to live in the United Kingdom. Lean may not be directly responsible for the achievement, but there is little doubt it gave its contribution. LGN speaks with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to hear what it takes to bring lean thinking to local government and change the lives of citizens.

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