Case Studies

The Gold Standard of Lean

Case studies By: Deanna Hall , Vicente Ramirez & Frank Wagener
Deanna Hall , Vicente Ramirez & Frank Wagener

lean thinking in miningCASE STUDY – The extraordinary transformation of Kinross' Round Mountain gold mine in Nevada over the past six years shows that lean thinking can – quite literally – move mountains.

The Bottom-Up Lean Transformation of a Belgian Hospital

Case studies By: Stijn Slootmans
Stijn Slootmans

lean healthcare UZA AntwerpCASE STUDY – How an improvement program of the British national healthcare system inspired a Belgian hospital to launch an organization-wide lean transformation with the active support of the HR and nursing departments.

Recipe for Success: A Restaurant Chain Embracing Lean

Case studies By: Jeff Zhou
Jeff Zhou

xibei restaurants lean thinkingCASE STUDY – An entire restaurant chain going lean is not something you see every day. Coming all the way from China, Xibei's story of cultural change will inspire you to never forget the fundamentals of lean, from standardization to quality.

How to Transform Your Hospital Using Lean

Case studies By: Dan Jones & Roberto Priolo
Dan Jones & Roberto Priolo

VIDEO CASE STUDY – In the past couple of years, the Consorci Sanitari del Garraf has been able to leverage the commitment of its people to perform a lean turnaround. Its story shows you don’t need lots of resources and money to do lean in a hospital.

Lean Child O’ Mine

Case studies By: Torbjørn Netland
Torbjørn Netland

lean elementary schoolCASE STUDY - A pioneering school in Rogaland, Norway, is proving that some elements of lean thinking can successfully be adapted to the education system to create better conditions for both teaching and learning.

No Loafing Around

Case studies By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

lean management barcelona bakeries

CASE STUDY – A very lean system that runs like clockwork and constant attention to customer service enable Barcelona-based 365.café to achieve the impossible: supplying 55 bakeries out of a 650-sqm factory.

All rise, lean is in court

Case studies By: Julie McGrory
Julie McGrory

hmcts lean government england

CASE STUDY - HM Courts & Tribunals Service has been using lean ways of working for over six years, learning many lessons along the way and achieving some fantastic wins.

Rebuilding Houses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

Case studies By: Zack Rosenburg
Zack Rosenburg


CASE STUDY – Following one of the deadliest hurricanes in US history, an NGO started to use lean management principles to speed up the reconstruction of homes in the Louisiana city… and the results were impressive.

Bionic Lean

Case studies By: G. S. Friðriksdóttir & V. Jensdóttir
G. S. Friðriksdóttir & V. Jensdóttir

ossur lean manufacturing

CASE STUDY - Össur is recognized as a leader in the fields of prosthetic, osteoarthritis and injury solutions, but how did lean management and a trial-and-error approach to improvement help it to stay competitive?

Playing a Different Tune

Case studies By: Kristian Lindwall
Kristian Lindwall

servant leadership spotify

CASE STUDY - How Spotify developed an alternative management system based on servant leadership, interaction-based learning and adaptability – changing the music industry along the way.

Saskatchewan: A Lean Government Lab

Case studies By: Dan Florizone
Dan Florizone

lean transformation saskatchewan

CASE STUDY – The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is running a bold experiment: applying lean management across all government. The driving force? A “compelling vision.”

Fuelling a Lean Journey

Case studies By: Fabiano Clerico
Fabiano Clerico

lean transformation tokheim

CASE STUDY - The Italian branch of Tokheim services about 3,000 gas stations in the central and northern parts of Italy. The general manager shares the story of how lean thinking changed everything, for the better.

Built to Last

Case studies By: C. Akil , E. Sarikaya & N. Soydan
C. Akil , E. Sarikaya & N. Soydan

cimtas lean thinking

CASE STUDY - A Turkish shipyard and engineering company has found that lean principles and practice are the only way to deliver unique, large construction projects efficiently and successfully.

Pietro Fiorentini: the Toyota of Italy

Case studies By: Arnaldo Camuffo
Arnaldo Camuffo

lean thinking pietro fiorentini

CASE STUDY – A unique approach to lean management and the involvement of CEO Mario Nardi helped Pietro Fiorentini, provider of solutions for natural gas distribution, become a model for lean companies in Italy.

A healthcare experiment in China

Case studies By: Guo , Ma & Zhang
Guo , Ma & Zhang

CASE STUDY - Three successful improvement projects at a hospital in Guangzhou are proving that lean healthcare in China is an opportunity that the sector cannot afford to miss.

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