Is Lean Right or Left? Ballé Gets Political

Columns By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

lean thinking politics

COLUMN - In political terms, is lean management more in line with conservative principles or progressive ideas? Michael Ballé reflects on a tough question.

Accountable Accounting

Columns By: Sylvia Mughal
Sylvia Mughal

lean accounting

COLUMN – Finance is a critical function within a firm. Yet, lean thinking seems to struggle to make progress in this field. Following a workshop with Nick Katko, the author of this article sees an opportunity.

My Lean Story #3

Columns By: Josep Lluís Ibáñez Pardos
Josep Lluís Ibáñez Pardos

COLUMN - In the third article of our series, the CEO of a healthcare institution in Catalonia, Spain, discusses the implementation of lean as a mindset that has its foundations in continuous improvement.

An I.T. mind - Saving your job

Columns By: Rodrigo Aquino
Rodrigo Aquino

COLUMN - A lean transformation is not just a prerogative of top management, but a goal to be shared across an organization. Here's a few thoughts on how I.T. people specifically can contribute to a turnaround.

Business Growth, Human Growth

Columns By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

FEATURE - In his latest article, the author explains why pursuing human growth as part of our lean efforts is meaningless until we fully master our pull systems.

My Lean Story: Attila Tószegi

Columns By: Attila Tószegi
Attila Tószegi

COLUMN - In the second article of our series, the director of an elementary school in Budapest tells us how using PDCA can help to improve education and provide students with the right skills.

Still Toyota? What about Volkswagen?

Columns By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

COLUMN - Michael Ballé on why Toyota still inspires him in a way that no other organization can, and on the lessons lean thinkers can learn from the two most successful carmakers.

An IT Mind - Waste

Columns By: Rodrigo Aquino
Rodrigo Aquino

COLUMN - For those working in the I.T. world, identifying waste can be tricky. However, starting by tackling over-production will help you to eliminate every other form of waste.

My lean story - John Bouthillon

Columns By: John Bouthillon
John Bouthillon

COLUMN - In the first of a series of columns written by CEOs, John Bouthillon of PO Construction explains how lean has kept his company afloat through the recession.

Fast Thinking, Deep Thinking

Columns By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

COLUMN - What does lean do for people in your organization? This column explores how their way of thinking changes as a culture of continuous improvement and problem solving takes root.

Cost-Cutting Made Smart

Columns By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

FEATURE - What is the relationship between lean thinking and cost-cutting? Here's why you should focus on improvements as opposed to slashing a budget.

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