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Leverage Kaizen in Digital to Successfully Scale

Features By: Fabrice Bernhard
Fabrice Bernhard

lean improvement lean software developmentBUILDING BRIDGES – Struggling to scale a new product past its MVP phase, Theodo tried a number of things before realizing that the only way to retain quality and speed is kaizen.

Changing Our Dealership, and Lives in the Township

Features By: James Wood
James Wood

car dealership lean leadership FEATURE – The principal of the Halfway Ottery dealership explains how their lean culture based on respect and improvement is not only changing the business, but transforming the lives of people in the townships.

Lean Is a Must-Have for an Effective Digital Transformation

Features By: Flávio Picchi & Christopher Thompson
Flávio Picchi & Christopher Thompson

lean digital transformationFEATURE – Organizations can only reap the full benefits of modern technologies if they pair up their digitalization efforts with an enterprise-wide lean transformation.

From 'French Fab' to 'French Tech'

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

kaizen karakuri lean workNOTES FROM THE GEMBA – If you need proof that kaizen leads to real innovation, look no further than AIO. This French Tech company that reinvented itself as a karakuri kaizen coach.

What Have We Learned about Traditional Management?

Features By: Michael Ballé , Dan Jones & Jacques Chaize
Michael Ballé , Dan Jones & Jacques Chaize

analysing traditional managementFEATURE – Lean has now been around for quite some time, and its impact on business world is hard to dispute. But what does it tell us about traditional management practices?

Visualizing the Work in Our Finance Department

Features By: Nizar Sherfodien
Nizar Sherfodien

visual management car dealership lean financeVIDEO - Visualization has an important role to play in creating awareness of the problems and highlighting gaps as a key starting point for improvement, and this Finance Manager does it with dedication.

The Art of the Daruma

Features By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

daruma dolls lean managementFEATURE – Using the Japanese tradition of daruma dolls as an example, the author explains how to turn continuous improvement into concrete challenges – and, from that, real competitive advantage.

The Kind of Mindset that Makes Lean Possible

Features By: Robson Gouveia
Robson Gouveia

lean leadership lean mindsetFEATURE – Using Carol Dweck’s distinction between fixed and growth mindsets, the author discusses how leaders should think and act to make lean possible. Looks like no fixed mindset is beyond saving.

Breaking Down the Code

Features By: Benjamin Grandfond
Benjamin Grandfond

lean software development theodolite breaking the workFEATURE – In the second article in our series with Theodo, the CTO tells us about an experiment that showed how problem solving is easier when the job is clearly defined.

How We Improved Our Cash Flow

Features By: Nizar Sherfodien , Ashraf Isaacs & Charlie Cockrell
Nizar Sherfodien , Ashraf Isaacs & Charlie Cockrell

cash to cash model lean thinking HalfwayFEATURE – This story from Cape Town car dealership Halfway Ottery shows just how much eliminating stock can contribute to turning around a business by freeing up cash.

A Year in Review

Features By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

Planet Lean 2017 contentROUND-UP – Looking back at the year that just ended, our editor Roberto Priolo reflects on the power and reach of lean thinking, and offers us a round-up of the best content from 2017.

Safeguarding the Future of Singapore’s Healthcare

Features By: Genedine Lim
Genedine Lim

Singapore lean healthcare LGNFEATURE – After Singapore Institute of Technology staff was introduced to lean thinking, a course was launched to provide healthcare workers with the lean skills they need to transform their organizations.

What Can Software Developers Learn from Looms?

Features By: Marek Kalnik
Marek Kalnik

lean startup Toyota loomsBUILDING BRIDGES – In this new series, people from startup studio M33 discuss their relationship with lean thinking and how the methodology helps them in their daily work.

Successfully Supplying Toyota

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

Mifune supply chain management ToyotaNOTES FROM THE GEMBA – This month, the author shares her account of a recent gemba walk at a Tier 2 Toyota supplier, which has achieved impressive results by applying TPS.

Lessons from Toyota New Global Architecture

Features By: Lex Schroeder
Lex Schroeder

Toyota New Global ArchitectureFEATURE – Following a webinar with product development expert Jim Morgan, the author reflects on what the Toyota New Global Architecture and Chief Engineer system can teach us.

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