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What Our Visual Management Mistakes Taught Us

Features By: Cécile Roche
Cécile Roche

visual management at thales groupFEATURE – How do you ensure that visual management doesn’t become anything more than a way to reassure the boss, rather than foster a learning and problem solving culture? The author reflects on her company’s journey towards effective visualization.

Three Challenges Banks Face, and How Lean IT Can Help

Features By: Marie-Pia Ignace
Marie-Pia Ignace

challenges banking lean itFEATURE – The banking sector is floundering in the face of heavy regulation and increased competition from fintechs. So what can banks do? The author suggests they embrace lean IT in order to change their ways.

The (He)art of Lean

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

Hôpital Lariboisière lean in healthcareNOTES FROM THE GEMBA – On this gemba walk in the cardiology department of a Parisian hospital, the author discovers how the team is changing its internal dynamics and processes to make lean their way of thinking.

The Right People in the Right Place

Features By: Ian Glenday
Ian Glenday

Glenday dedicated equipmentFEATURE – If we have high-volume (green) and low-volume (red) items in our production schedule, doesn’t it make sense to also have dedicated green and red equipment whenever possible?

Turning Lean to Wire up the Emirates

Features By: Hassan Omar
Hassan Omar

Ducab lean journeyFEATURE – With an open-minded approach to improvement tools, a long history of quality and engaged top leaders, wire manufacturer Ducab aims to fulfil the strategic needs of the Emirates.

Reader's Choice - Our 2016 Top Ten

Features By: Planet Lean
Planet Lean

top 10 planet lean 2016CONTENT ROUNDUP - Happy New Year, readers! Before kicking things off for 2017 with new, original content, we wanted to share with you the Top 10 of the most-read Planet Lean articles from last year.

Out with the Old, in with the Lean

Features By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

planet lean content 2016EDITOR’S LETTER – What a year 2016 has been! Many of us will be happy to see it go, but with challenging times comes a great opportunity for reflection. Our editor looks back at the best content of the past year.

What If We Saw Our Firm as a Tree?

Features By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

lean tree balléFEATURE – We are used to seeing the organization as a mechanical entity, but how can a machine possible change and improve? We must change our mental model and learn to see the lean enterprise as a growing plant.

Here's an Idea: Run to Time

Features By: Ian Glenday
Ian Glenday

Levelled production run to timeFEATURE – What if we ran our production schedule to time instead of quantity? While creating overproduction, running to time is a temporary first step to establish levelled production with fixed repetitive cycles.

Thinking Lean, Gifting Life

Features By: Michael Hagan , Bruce Nicely & Matt Zayko
Michael Hagan , Bruce Nicely & Matt Zayko

Lean at an organ donation NGOFEATURE – A Michigan NGO that facilitates organ and tissue donation shares its experience with value stream mapping, reflecting on people coming together to understand the gap between current and future state.

Leveraging TWI to Onboard Employees

Features By: D. Chmielewska-Bien , R. Mackowiak & M. Ziemann
D. Chmielewska-Bien , R. Mackowiak & M. Ziemann

TWI KK WindFEATURE – When you are hiring 20-30 people in a week, getting them up to speed with the company’s way of working becomes critical. But how to do it effectively? A Polish factory found the answer in TWI.

Where Do You Draw Your Lean Inspiration From?

Features By: Planet Lean
Planet Lean

one question five answers inspirationONE QUESTION, FIVE ANSWERS – Inspiration can help us solve a problem, get our colleagues interested in lean, or even pick ourselves up after a failure. But where do we get it from? We asked five practitioners.

So You Want to Create a Lean Culture, Eh?

Features By: Michael Ballé & Klaus Beulker
Michael Ballé & Klaus Beulker

FEATURE – We all want to create a lean culture in our organizations, but what makes cultural change possible? And, more importantly, what are the leadership behaviors that enable a new culture to take root?

Leaning Out a Digital Marketing Agency

Features By: Javier Oliete
Javier Oliete

Lean management at Neo@OgilvyFEATURE – With lean thinking, Madrid-based Neo@Ogilvy is hoping to create a stronger connection with customers, thus learning to create value for them and redefining the overall purpose of marketing.

If You Think Lean Is Inherently Japanese, Think Again

Features By: Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson Japanese cultureFEATURE – How many times do we hear people say lean is not for them because “it’s a Japanese thing”? After spending 18 months in Japan, the author explains why the country’s culture is not necessarily "lean by nature".

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