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Leveraging Book Clubs to Drive Improvement

Features By: Mike Schembri
Mike Schembri

lean book clubs at Fuji Xerox AustraliaFEATURE – In May, the author told us how the IT department at Fuji Xerox Australia used book clubs to engage people in lean. In this update, he explains how the efforts were brought over to a different area of the business.

How We Grew Our Car Sales by 400%

Features By: Calvin Govender , Charmaine Lategan & Dale Thomas
Calvin Govender , Charmaine Lategan & Dale Thomas

lean sales Halfway OtteryFEATURE – For the first article in our series on the Halfway transformation, we asked the Sales team to tell us about how they apply lean to selling cars in a challenging social context.

Don’t Be One-Dimensional in Your Lean Transformation

Features By: René Aernoudts
René Aernoudts

lean transformation multidimensional René AernoudtsFEATURE – Because each lean transformation is unique, we can't expect an off-the-shelf solution to work. The author discusses multi-dimensional transformations and how we can be flexible but also structured.

A Lean Night in Moscow

Features By: Vyacheslav Boltrukevich
Vyacheslav Boltrukevich

LGN distance lean learningFEATURE – When done well, distance learning can be as effective as direct participation in a summit. The author reflect on a recent experiment and wonders whether distance makes the heart grow… leaner.

How Lean Helped a Start-Up Manage Its Growth

Features By: Catherine Chabiron
Catherine Chabiron

Aramis Auto gamba lean startupNOTES FROM THE GEMBA – Catherine’s gemba walks are back after the summer break. This month, she visits a start-up that is using lean to manage its growth, and learns about its management’s extraordinary turnaround.

Better Managing Processes to Fight Heart Attacks

Features By: Eduardo Novaes , Bruno Battaglia & Flávio Battaglia
Eduardo Novaes , Bruno Battaglia & Flávio Battaglia

hospital Aliança lean healthcareFEATURE – Long waiting times are bad for both patients and hospitals, but when we talk about heart attacks reducing them becomes a moral imperative. Here’s how Hospital Aliança in Brazil is doing it.

A Strategy in Search of Its Strategist

Features By: Jacques Chaize
Jacques Chaize

lean strategy for CEOsFEATURE – Do CEOs see lean as a strategy? The author – himself a CEO for many years – debunks the misconceptions often preventing senior leaders from doing so.  

All The Green Waste Hidden in Your Digital Tech

Features By: Kelly Singer
Kelly Singer

green waste lean thinking digital techFEATURE – Not many people know that digital technology and the IT industry are rife with environmental waste. Discovering it and eliminating early can have beneficial effects on both the business world and the planet.   

Are You Properly Practicing PDCA?

Features By: Drew Locher , Bethany Foy & Mike Merrick
Drew Locher , Bethany Foy & Mike Merrick

Practicing PDCA Drew LocherFEATURE – In lean, we talk about PDCA all the time… but do we actually practice it as we should? The authors discuss what makes for successful continuous improvement.

Managing for the Future

Features By: Dan Jones
Dan Jones

managing for the future lean thinkingFEATURE – Lean is a people-centric system for learning that acts as an alternative to traditional management and financial capitalism. It represents the best strategy a company can adopt to meet the needs of the future.

Joyful Chefs Make Delicious Food

Features By: Jeff Zhou
Jeff Zhou

Xibei restaurant lean coachingFEATURE – An approach based on coaching and experiments is transforming the way restaurant chain Xibei works with its people to improve service and dishes: the story of Chef Liang and his Kongfu fish.

Why Can’t I Do It My Own Way?

Features By: Tracey Richardson
Tracey Richardson

Tracey Richardson lessons ToyotaFEATURE – Through this intimate anecdote from her days at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, the author tells us of her experience with standardization… and of the deep leadership lessons hiding behind it.

How Lean Works

Features By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

Michael Belle how lean worksFEATURE – Continuously studying the challenges we meet and the responses we devise, lean gives us endless opportunities to learn. The author goes back to basics, reflecting on some core lean premises.

Three Changes to Make HR a Lean Enabler

Features By: Flávio Picchi & Marcelo Amoroso
Flávio Picchi & Marcelo Amoroso

lean management in HRFEATURE – In most organizations on a lean journey, the people management function is not very involved. So, how should HR change, if it is to effectively support a lean transformation?

A Family Affair

Features By: Amy Davidson-Oerlemans , Chris Oerlemans & Steven Oerlemans
Amy Davidson-Oerlemans , Chris Oerlemans & Steven Oerlemans

lean construction Kloet

FEATURE – Visualizing the work, increasing customer focus and changing the way to interact with employees has helped a family-run Dutch building maintenance and renovation firm to transform itself.

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