Interviews By: Aida Llevot

How the 365 bakeries improved service to clients with lean

work improvement 365 bakery lean managementTHE LEAN BAKERY – In this video, a shop coordinator explains how the 365 bakeries were able to speed up service to customers and ensure product quality by reorganizing work and responsibilities.

Interviewee: Aida Llevot, Shop Coordinator, 365.café - Barcelona

Our bakeries are all about work organization, as in our minds this is the only way to keep the product up to standards and the service to customers speedy.

The biggest change we brought in after lean came into the picture was a clear division of tasks and competences within our shops, as per the image below.

work organization lean thinking 365

In this video I explain what the roles of workers A, B, C and D are, while our Retail Manager Emi Castro will tell you how we ensure the work runs smoothly and the results keep on coming.

Bon profit!

You can read all about the 365 story in The Lean Bakery.

 The Lean Bakery book cover

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 Aida Llevot photograph

Aida Llevot is a Shop Coordinator with 365.café in Barcelona.

Emi Castro photograph

Emi Castro is Retail Manager at 365.café in Barcelona.

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