Interviews By: Juan Antonio Tena

How we grew using less resources than ever before

Juan Antonio on 365 growthTHE LEAN BAKERY – In the fourth episode in our video series, the CEO of 365 explains how lean showed him that his business could grow (exponentially) without using any extra resources.

Words/interviewee: Juan Antonio Tena, CEO, 365.café - Barcelona

In previous episodes of this video series, my wife Emi explained how we manage a chain of 100 shops in and around Barcelona, our process engineer Jesus told you how our 365 Obrador shops run stock-free, and shop coordinator Aida went through how we reorganised the work to better serve our customers.

But our lean experiments actually began in our central workshop, from where we supply our bakeries around the city. This is where we first realized how powerful lean is: this revolutionary way of thinking allowed us to control and improve our processes so much that we were able to fuel the grow of our business by simply improving what we were already doing (rather than investing more resources).

Learn how in this video.


You can read all about the 365 story in The Lean Bakery.

 The Lean Bakery book cover

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Juan Antonio Tena photograph

Juan Antonio Tena is the CEO of 365.café in Barcelona.

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