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In this video a CEO shows us the Obeya room in his hospital

Green Room hoshin kanri lean hospitalVIDEO - The CEO of a cancer center in Brazil gives us a tour of the their obeya room, taking us through their strategy deployment and explaining how it supports their mission of reducing the burden of cancer.

Gemba guide: Carlos Frederico Pinto, CEO, Instituto de Oncologia do Vale - São José dos Campos, Brazil

Our obeya is something of a "living room" - it constantly evolves as the problems we face change. It is from the "Green Room" that we monitor our performance, track metrics, devise our strategy and then deploy it across the business.

Check out the video below, in which I show you the visual management boards we use and explain how the room works.

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Carlos Frederico Pinto photograph

Carlos Frederico Pinto is the CEO of Instituto de Oncologia do Vale, in Brazil. As an enthusiastic lean thinker, Dr Fred has a passion for sharing his experience at IOV, which is has done at several conferences and in his book (in Portuguese) Em Busca do Cuidado Perfeito.

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