Getting to Know Toyota Product Development

Interview By: Takao Sakai
Takao Sakai

Toyota product development takao sakaiINTERVIEW – At the recent LPPDE event in England, Planet Lean editor Roberto Priolo sat with Takao Sakai to understand how Toyota approaches product and process development and how the Chief Engineer system works.

Come to the Netherlands to Experience Lean

Interview By: René Aernoudts
René Aernoudts

EVENT INVITATION - Three days of hands-on learning to help you ensure your investment in lean pays off: don't miss the Lean Experience Days in Nyenrode Business University, Holland, on June 27-29.

Don't Forget the Toyota House Has Two Pillars, Not One

Interview By: Mike Hoseus
Mike Hoseus

Hoseus respect for people ToyotaINTERVIEW – Mike Hoseus reflects on his time at Toyota and on how the respect for people side of lean thinking is too often neglected and we tend to focus on continuous improvement only. The two must go together, or your house will collapse.

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