Better Managing Processes to Fight Heart Attacks

Features By: Eduardo Novaes , Bruno Battaglia & Flávio Battaglia
Eduardo Novaes , Bruno Battaglia & Flávio Battaglia

hospital Aliança lean healthcareFEATURE – Long waiting times are bad for both patients and hospitals, but when we talk about heart attacks reducing them becomes a moral imperative. Here’s how Hospital Aliança in Brazil is doing it.

A Strategy in Search of Its Strategist

Features By: Jacques Chaize
Jacques Chaize

lean strategy for CEOsFEATURE – Do CEOs see lean as a strategy? The author – himself a CEO for many years – debunks the misconceptions often preventing senior leaders from doing so.  

Your Demise Isn’t Bad Luck. It’s Bad Strategy

Columns By: Boaz Tamir
Boaz Tamir

strategy for success Boaz TamirOPINION – The rise and fall of organizations does not depend on chance or bad luck. It generally stems from a fundamentally flawed strategic approach that fails to define a purpose, alienates workers and ignores customers.

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