The Work of Management

Interviews By: Jim Lancaster
Jim Lancaster

work of management Lancaster interviewINTERVIEW – Does your company feel like a sand castle? Do you struggle to sustain lean results? At the recent Lean Transformation Summit, the CEO of Lantech told us how the firm is using daily management to prevent “deterioration”.

When Agile Meets Lean

Interviews By: Dimitri Baeli
Dimitri Baeli

agile and lean at LesFurets.comINTERVIEW – After transitioning from agile to lean kanban, French insurance comparison company has found in lean management an ever stronger foundation for value creation.

To Serve and to Lean

Interviews By: Eng. Omar Al-Khaja
Eng. Omar Al-Khaja

lean management dubai policeINTERVIEW – When we say that lean thinking can be applied to any human endeavor, we mean it. In this Q&A we learn about how knowledge sharing has been boosting the improvement journey of Dubai Police.

Why "Lead with Lean"?

Interviews By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

Michael Balle on Lead with LeanVIDEO - The author of Lean with Lean explains why he published a collection of papers rather than a business novel - his signature writing style - or a manual. Experience lean through the eyes of one of its greatest students... one a-ha moment at a time.

Turning IT Leaders into Coaches

Interviews By: Amy Evans
Amy Evans

nordstrom coaching modelINTERVIEW – We meet one of this year's Lean IT Summit speakers to hear about her team’s effective approach to turning Nordstrom’s IT leaders into coaches and truly supporting the firm's lean transformation.

Transform Yourself as a Leader, Transform your Business

Interviews By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

Balle lead with leanVIDEO  We constantly talk about the role of leadership, but perhaps we don't realize just how intertwined leadership transformation and business transformation really are. This short video discusses why.

The Spark that Ignited Change at the BBC

Interviews By: Adrian Ruth & Gemma Tomkinson
Adrian Ruth & Gemma Tomkinson

BBC Spark lean programINTERVIEW – The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has been working with a lean-inspired improvement program that is gradually transforming the culture of the business – one creative idea at a time.

Let's Think of Lean as a Strategy

Interviews By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

Michael Balle on lean strategyINTERVIEW – In this interview, Michael Ballé discusses lean thinking as a strategy, how to unearth problems, and the best (or only) way to initiate a lean transformation.

John Shook: Here's Why Lean Keeps Thriving

Interviews By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

John Shook lean thinking interviewINTERVIEW – In this must-read Q&A, our editor sits down with lean guru John Shook to discuss the meaning of failure, the nature of innovation, and the resilience of our movement.

Supplier Development at John Deere

Interviews By: Ángel Sanz Fernández
Ángel Sanz Fernández

john deere lean supply chainINTERVIEW – For the past year, agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere Ibérica has worked to spread lean thinking to the supply chain. We met with them in Madrid to understand how they’re going about it.

Reinventing a Business Model with Lean Thinking

Interviews By: Ronald Uchil
Ronald Uchil

lean transformation GerabINTERVIEW – Lean is making inroads in the Middle East! In this interview, a Senior VP of Gerab National Enterprises tells us how the company is using lean to reinvent itself as a project management firm.

Shaping the New Leaders of Education

Interviews By: Peg Pennington & Aneesa Locke-Hines
Peg Pennington & Aneesa Locke-Hines

bright program a3 thinkingINTERVIEW – A program that aims to help disadvantaged school districts in Ohio used A3 thinking to teach principals how to scientifically solve problems together with their teachers. We met a principal and one of her teachers.

Navigating Lean Change in a Financial Department

Interviews By: Orry Fiume
Orry Fiume

lean accounting orry fiumeINTERVIEW – In this interview, the former CFO of uber-lean company Wiremold explains why our finance people hold the key to our transformation and gives us the lowdown on lean accounting.

Teaching Lean in Universities

Interviews By: Peter Ward
Peter Ward

teaching lean in universitiesINTERVIEW – Making lean thinking a bigger part of our university programs and education is the only way to ensure the methodology really comes to permeate our societies. But how can we ensure lean is taught in a way that makes sense?

Using Kanban to Speed up Product Development Flow

Interviews By: Hamish McMinn
Hamish McMinn

lean product development JLRINTERVIEW – Following two successful experiments with kanban boards, Jaguar Land Rover decided to extend the reach of its lean product development activities to include all new vehicle programs. Here’s how the story unfolded.

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