Using Kanban to Speed up Product Development Flow

Interviews By: Hamish McMinn
Hamish McMinn

lean product development JLRINTERVIEW – Following two successful experiments with kanban boards, Jaguar Land Rover decided to extend the reach of its lean product development activities to include all new vehicle programs. Here’s how the story unfolded.

Lean and the City

Interviews By: Boyd Cohen
Boyd Cohen

Lean cities interviewSEEN FROM OTHERS – Another interview in our series on how lean is perceived from the outside. This month we talk to an urban strategist to see if and how lean can contribute to transforming our cities.

A Few Words of LPPD Wisdom

Interviews By: Durward Sobek
Durward Sobek

Durward Sobek LPPD interview90-SECOND Q&A – At a recent summit, our editor Roberto Priolo sat down with Durward Sobek to discuss design thinking, obstacles to the application of lean in product and process development, and why LPPD in services is a bit different.

The Slowdown of Western Labor Productivity

Interviews By: Chad Syverson
Chad Syverson

productivity slowdown chad syversonSEEN FROM OTHERS – In a new series, we ask experts from outside our community to share thoughts on lean-related topics. This month we meet an economist with an interesting take on the West’s productivity slowdown and its link to learning.

Curious About the Financial Impact of Lean? Come to Holland!

Interviews By: Arnaldo Camuffo
Arnaldo Camuffo

Camuffo Nyenrode eventINTERVIEW – Ahead of this month’s Lean Experience Days in Holland, PL meets one of the speakers to learn about his research into the financial effects of lean transformations.

Lean à La Carte

Interviews By: Richard Vellante & Peter Doire
Richard Vellante & Peter Doire

INTERVIEW – An American group of restaurants is experimenting with the application of lean thinking in its kitchens and dining areas. Planet Lean had a word with the chefs to see what’s cooking.

People Development: Lean Insurance for Nationwide

Interviews By: Guru Vasudeva
Guru Vasudeva

nationwide standup meetingINTERVIEW – At the recent Lean Transformation Summit in Las Vegas, our editor sat down with Nationwide to hear more about the mutual company’s application of lean thinking to IT and how they are working towards getting 9,000 people onboard.

It’s What You Do as a Leader, Not What You Say

Interviews By: Greg Lane
Greg Lane

interview greg lane leadershipINTERVIEW – We asked Greg Lane to reflect on his experience with lean transformations and to share his thoughts on the leadership behaviors that best support them.

Evolving Community, Evolving Summit

Interviews By: Planet Lean
Planet Lean

lean summit lyonINTERVIEW - Last week's Lean Summit in Lyon was a great success. We asked Michael Ballé of the Institut Lean France why that was, what the key takeaways were, and what was new in this edition.

The Secrets of Leadership at Toyota

Interviews By: Art Smalley
Art Smalley

Toyota's approach to leadershipINTERVIEW – Last month we caught up with Toyota veteran Art Smalley in Las Vegas and discussed with him the role of leadership in a lean transformation and the four different types of problem solving he talks about in his new book.

The Ingredients of a Lean Culture

Interviews By: David Mann
David Mann

INTERVIEW – Planet Lean speaks with David Mann about the importance of combining the lean production and the lean management systems – the tools and the culture – to create sustainable results.

A Chat with Drew Locher

Interviews By: Drew Locher
Drew Locher

INTERVIEW – Planet Lean talks with Drew Locher about bringing change to an office setting, lean in small- and medium-sized firms and why improving and managing go hand in hand.

Providing Better Education to Students with Special Needs

Interviews By: Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

lean school christletonINTERVIEW – At the recent UK Lean Summit, we met the Head of Student Services of an English high school. We asked her about the interesting work the school is doing to improve the delivery of education to students with special needs using lean thinking.

Using People's Brains: A Chat with Toyota

Interviews By: Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo

INTERVIEW – At the recent UK Lean Summit, Ian Hurst and Keith Edwards of the Toyota Lean Management Centre ran an insightful workshop on standard work. We sat down with them to discuss standardization, respect for people and waste elimination.

The Lowdown on Lean Healthcare

Interviews By: John Toussaint
John Toussaint

Toussaint update on lean healthcareINTERVIEW – At the recent Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit in Brussels, Planet Lean editor Roberto Priolo sat down with John Toussaint to discuss the state of lean thinking in healthcare, its challenges and its opportunities.

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