My Experience with Jidoka at GE and Amazon

Interviews By: Marc Onetto
Marc Onetto

lean thinking and Jidoka at Amazon and GEINTERVIEW – Catherine Chabiron sits down with Marc Onetto, a former executive with GE and Amazon, to discuss Jidoka and its profound effects on the way people work and think.

Inspiring a Revolution in Education

Interviews By: Ana Carolina Sarmento
Ana Carolina Sarmento

Lean education at Grupo AnimaINTERVIEW – Grupo Anima, a Brazilian private education organization with almost 100,000 high-school students enrolled, has revolutionized its culture since introducing lean. But it all started with one project…

Our Visit to Toyota

Interviews By: John Shook
John Shook

John Shook in Toyota City with the LGNINTERVIEW – For its 10th anniversary, the Lean Global Network went to Japan for a study mission. Our editor spoke with John Shook on a Shinkansen platform after four days in Toyota City and Nagoya.

Lean Coaching to Improve Education

Interviews By: Tony Lamberton
Tony Lamberton

christleton school lean educationINTERVIEW – Christleton Learning Trust in the UK is running several lean experiments across its three schools. We spoke with its CEO, who told us how coaching is supporting the transformation.

Coaching Young Californians to Make Them Independent

Interviews By: The Beyond Emancipation Team
The Beyond Emancipation Team

lean coaching Beyond EmancipationINTERVIEW – An organization in the San Francisco Bay Area is using coaching to increase its impact on the lives of foster youth. We had a chat with an extraordinary group of women to learn how they are doing it.

Toyota’s Green Strategy

Interviews By: Steve Hope
Steve Hope

Environmental strategy at Toyota lean thinkingINTERVIEW – It might seem a paradox that the world’s largest automaker is setting the pace for corporate social responsibility. Then again, Toyota never really followed the status quo. Kelly Singer interviews Toyota's Steve Hope.

One Process to Improve Them All

Interviews By: Monga T. Krishen
Monga T. Krishen

Lean principles and lean tools and NPCCINTERVIEW – We speak with the National Petroleum Construction Company in the Emirates, learning how improving one of their critical processes is boosting the spread of lean thinking across the business.

The Best of Three Worlds

Interviews By: Mariya Breyter
Mariya Breyter

Dun & bradstreet lean transformationINTERVIEW – Business services company Dun & Bradstreet learned that the best way to tackle organizational challenges is using a combination of agile, lean startup and more traditional lean principles.

Got Lean?

Interviews By: Mark Huitema
Mark Huitema

FrieslandCampina lean programINTERVIEW – One of the world's largest dairy cooperatives, FrieslandCampina, has embarked on an ambitious global lean journey. Along the way, they found how critical leadership engagement is.

Managing to Create Problem Solvers

Interviews By: César Gon & Bruno Guicardi
César Gon & Bruno Guicardi

CI&T lean thinking agileINTERVIEW – CI&T is a very successful Brazilian IT and software engineering company that has found in lean thinking a way to build on its agile work while better approaching leadership development.

Lean at Your Service

Interviews By: Beau Keyte
Beau Keyte

lean services interviewINTERVIEW – With more and more organizations in the service sector adopting lean thinking to turn around their modus operandi, it only makes sense to highlight the struggles and misconceptions they still encounter.

The Work of Management

Interviews By: Jim Lancaster
Jim Lancaster

work of management Lancaster interviewINTERVIEW – Does your company feel like a sand castle? Do you struggle to sustain lean results? At the recent Lean Transformation Summit, the CEO of Lantech told us how the firm is using daily management to prevent “deterioration”.

When Agile Meets Lean

Interviews By: Dimitri Baeli
Dimitri Baeli

agile and lean at LesFurets.comINTERVIEW – After transitioning from agile to lean kanban, French insurance comparison company has found in lean management an ever stronger foundation for value creation.

To Serve and to Lean

Interviews By: Eng. Omar Al-Khaja
Eng. Omar Al-Khaja

lean management dubai policeINTERVIEW – When we say that lean thinking can be applied to any human endeavor, we mean it. In this Q&A we learn about how knowledge sharing has been boosting the improvement journey of Dubai Police.

Why "Lead with Lean"?

Interviews By: Michael Ballé
Michael Ballé

Michael Balle on Lead with LeanVIDEO - The author of Lean with Lean explains why he published a collection of papers rather than a business novel - his signature writing style - or a manual. Experience lean through the eyes of one of its greatest students... one a-ha moment at a time.

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