Be 'Lean' My Heart

Interviews By: Eduardo Novaes
Eduardo Novaes

dedicated clinical path for heart patients at lean hospitalINTERVIEW – A cardiologist from a hospital in Salvador de Bahia explains how his department was completely transformed following the introduction of a dedicated pathway for heart patients.

Managing Our 100 Cafés Using Lean Thinking

Interviews By: Emi Castro
Emi Castro

lean retail 365 shopsTHE LEAN BAKERY - For the past decade, lean has fuelled the growth of a chain of cafes/bakeries in Barcelona. With 100 now open, the Retail Manager explains how lean helps them manage a booming business.

Lean Is Making a Better Corporate Citizen of Us

Interviews By: Mahesh Amalean
Mahesh Amalean

MAS Holdings creating a lean cultureINTERVIEW – Prior to his talk at this year’s Lean Transformation Summit, the CEO of a large apparel manufacturer tells us about the company’s lean journey, and its impact on Sri Lankan society.

Reflecting on the Role of Management at Toyota

Interviews By: Isao Yoshino
Isao Yoshino

Isao Yoshino interview lean management ToyotaINTERVIEW – In this Q&A with Catherine Chabiron, Toyota veteran Isao Yoshino discusses NUMMI, management at the company, and how to change the mindsets of leaders.

Modernizing Our Organization Using Lean

Interviews By: Petro Pylypyuk
Petro Pylypyuk

interview lean management Modern-ExpoINTERVIEW – In this Q&A, the CEO of a Ukrainian provider of equipment for stores shares how lean thinking has helped his company modernize its processes and engage its people.

What Happened When We Switched to Value Streams

Interviews By: Leonidia Maria Altoé
Leonidia Maria Altoé

value stream lean managerINTERVIEW - What happens in an organization after a move from silos to value streams? In this video, a Value Stream Manager from a Brazilian cancer treatment center shares her experience.

17 Years on the Journey, Still Going Strong

Interviews By: Mario Nardi
Mario Nardi

Pietro Fiorentini interviewINTERVIEW – At the European Lean Summit in Venice, our editor sat down with Italy’s lean CEO extraordinaire. His company, which serves the natural gas industry, has been on the journey for almost two decades.

Making Our Work World Class

Interviews By: Luciano Massone
Luciano Massone

WCM interview lean thinkingINTERVIEW – At the recent European Lean Summit, we sat down with a senior executive from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to learn more about the company’s World Class Manufacturing approach.

Striving to Become the Toyota of Software

Interviews By: Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle & Fabrice Bernhard
Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle & Fabrice Bernhard

startup Theodo and its approach to lean thinkingINTERVIEW – Software development company Theodo is a unique example of a digital company that has fully embraced lean and understood its potential. We caught up with their young CEO and CTO.

My Experience with Jidoka at GE and Amazon

Interviews By: Marc Onetto
Marc Onetto

lean thinking and Jidoka at Amazon and GEINTERVIEW – Catherine Chabiron sits down with Marc Onetto, a former executive with GE and Amazon, to discuss Jidoka and its profound effects on the way people work and think.

Inspiring a Revolution in Education

Interviews By: Ana Carolina Sarmento
Ana Carolina Sarmento

Lean education at Grupo AnimaINTERVIEW – Grupo Anima, a Brazilian private education organization with almost 100,000 high-school students enrolled, has revolutionized its culture since introducing lean. But it all started with one project…

Our Visit to Toyota

Interviews By: John Shook
John Shook

John Shook in Toyota City with the LGNINTERVIEW – For its 10th anniversary, the Lean Global Network went to Japan for a study mission. Our editor spoke with John Shook on a Shinkansen platform after four days in Toyota City and Nagoya.

Lean Coaching to Improve Education

Interviews By: Tony Lamberton
Tony Lamberton

christleton school lean educationINTERVIEW – Christleton Learning Trust in the UK is running several lean experiments across its three schools. We spoke with its CEO, who told us how coaching is supporting the transformation.

Coaching Young Californians to Make Them Independent

Interviews By: The Beyond Emancipation Team
The Beyond Emancipation Team

lean coaching Beyond EmancipationINTERVIEW – An organization in the San Francisco Bay Area is using coaching to increase its impact on the lives of foster youth. We had a chat with an extraordinary group of women to learn how they are doing it.

Toyota’s Green Strategy

Interviews By: Steve Hope
Steve Hope

Environmental strategy at Toyota lean thinkingINTERVIEW – It might seem a paradox that the world’s largest automaker is setting the pace for corporate social responsibility. Then again, Toyota never really followed the status quo. Kelly Singer interviews Toyota's Steve Hope.

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