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Lean Management Institute of India holds successful summit

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NEWS - Lean Management Institute of India celebrates the success of its Bangalore summit, as good delegate feedback and overwhelming request to make the event an annual occurrence prove customer satisfaction is at the top of LMII's priority list.

Words: Dhirendra Kumar Dubey, CEO, Lean Management Institute of India

Earlier this month, the Lean Management Institute of India (LMII) and All India Management Association (AIMA) held the Lean Summit 2014, an event aimed at raising awareness and exploring the frontiers of lean thinking and generating enthusiasm for the methodology in India.

We would like to thank the delegates, sponsors, speakers and event organizers who all contributed to making the summit a great success. It was our privilege to welcome more than 250 participants, 18 speakers, 14 panelists - representing more than 100 organizations from eight different countries.

This summit theme was “Sustained Lean Transformation,” which reflects the fact that our summit was very different from traditional lean conferences, which tend to focus more on tools and techniques. We are happy to say we reached our goal to bring forward and discuss lean as the strategic element at the heart of a business transformation, thanks to our pool of speakers from all sectors of the economy (the summit covered the application of lean in industries ranging from manufacturing to IT, education to services) and thanks to our sensei and keynotes John Shook and José Ferro.

Some of the key takeaways and eye-openers, as expressed by summit delegates, included:

  • The “follow me, we will learn together” approach to lean leadership, which the lean senseis so clearly explained;
  • The Lean Global Network’s Lean Transformation Model, with its five dimensions to make change happen;
  • The importance of Purpose, Process & People and the need to transform leadership as well as the culture if we are to sustain our transformation;
  • Lean is being practiced in all sectors and functions (as reflected by the very diverse nature of the audience and by the wide range of sectors covered in the summit program).

Hearing from our delegates has been extremely useful for us at Lean Management Institute of India, too, of course. We have heard some of the expectations of the audience for us at LMII. In particular, we received requests to share more information by organizing workshops in more parts of the sub-continent (we were even encouraged to start “sister clubs” in the neighboring countries of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) and by providing more access to information outlets, such as publications where people can post case studies and where interaction between industry and academia. Does this ring a bell, Planet Lean?

It was also great to see 92% of our delegates expressing a strong desire to have a yearly summit, with 8% favoring one event every two years.

In the true spirit of lean and of listening to the voice of the customer, we have carefully analyzed feedback and already identified and noted improvement opportunities for our next summit. We never stop learning, right? In particular, we will try to: provide more time for Q&A; encourage speakers to talk less about improvement methodologies other than lean; set up more food counters to avoid long lines; arrange for more networking time; and make the summit more interactive by introducing practical activities.

One thing we know for sure - our Lean Summit 2015 will bring you all even more value than this year’s!

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