Interviews By: Aleix Sachez Cases & Dolors Albert Casajuana

Learn how 365 manages HR and accounting using visual boards

lean visual management 365 cafeTHE LEAN BAKERY – In the last episode of our video series, we learn how 365 is using an impressive visual management system to manage the accounting and human resources functions.

Interviewees: Aleix Sanchez Cases, HR specialist, and Dolors Albert Casajuana, accounting, 365.café - Barcelona

For the last video in this series, we are showing you how our organization is using a simple, but very clever visual management system to handle accounting and human resources processes.

The boards we use (HR is run from our recruitment-dedicated obeya, while our invoices are managed on just one wall in our office) have simplified, streamlined and made visible what is typically a very cumbersome and long process.

We hope this can inspired you to do the same!

You can read more about the 365 story in The Lean Bakery.

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Aleix Sanchez Cases photograph

Aleix Sanchez Cases is an HR Specialist at 365.café in Barcelona.

Dolors Albert Casajuana photograph

Dolors Albert Casajuana works in Accounting at the 365.café offices in Barcelona.

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