A Sound Investment? Offering Customers Real Value

Opinion pieces By: Boaz Tamir
Boaz Tamir

boaz tamir customer valueOPINION – Managers and investors are starting to understand that, in the long term, a company's success is built on value for the customer and not on marketing manipulations.

A Few Thoughts on Volkswagen and Management

Opinion pieces By: Boaz Tamir
Boaz Tamir

volkswagen boaz tamir defeat deviceOPINION – The Volkswagen emission testing scandal revealed a distorted view of management and a tragic disconnect between the company’s principles and its behaviors.

Barcelona: An Example of Lean Governance?

Opinion pieces By: Boaz Tamir
Boaz Tamir

barcelona governance lean managementOPINION – When thinking about Barcelona, most of us think of Gaudí’s architecture, tapas and beach weather, but the Catalonian capital might also be a worthy example of lean principles applied to city management.

Taking It Personally

Opinion pieces By: Joakim Hillberg
Joakim Hillberg

personal life lean thinking

OPINION - If you have ever 5S-ed your daughter’s room or tried to bring one-piece flow to your grocery routine, this article on what lean management looks like in our personal lives is for you.

Letter from Israel

Opinion pieces By: Josh Howell
Josh Howell

howell tel aviv

OPINION – Lean Global Network institutes regularly collaborate on education. Josh Howell of Lean Enterprise Institute recently visited our Israeli affiliate to deliver a couple of workshops.

Letter from the Ivory Coast

Opinion pieces By: Anton Grütter
Anton Grütter

africa lean thinking

OPINION – A trip to West Africa to deliver a lean workshop prompts Anton Grütter, CEO of Lean Institute Africa, to reflect on the meaning of the Andon cord.

How Many Dots to Draw a Line?

Opinion pieces By: Cécile Roche
Cécile Roche

lean management alignment adopters

OPINION - What does it take to start a lean implementation? People often hesitate, blaming lack of preparedness at different management levels. Truth is, all you need is two front line people who are committed.

Kaizen: from frustration to learning

Opinion pieces By: Christina V. Møller
Christina V. Møller

OPINION – How many times, in the early stages of kaizen events, have you thought about giving up? Hang in there. As frustrating as they can be, they will also teach you a lot, says our Danish colleague.

Discussing online, practicing offline

Opinion pieces By: Lex Schroeder
Lex Schroeder

OPINION - Lean people worldwide carry out improvement activities under a myriad of different circumstances, but ultimately they all struggle with the same thing: learning.

Understand Japan, Understand Lean

Opinion pieces By: Yalcin Ipbuken
Yalcin Ipbuken

OPINION - Yalçin Ipbuken, President of Lean Institute Turkey, looks back at a recent study mission to Japan and encourages every lean thinker to visit the country.

Food for thought

Opinion pieces By: Linda Van Driel
Linda Van Driel

OPINION - The inspiring story of lean applied to food distribution to the New York City poor prompts the author to share her thoughts on the bigger problem of hunger and on what lean people can do to help tackle it.

Lean Always Crosses Borders

Opinion pieces By: Malgorzata Jakubik
Malgorzata Jakubik

OPINION - How often have you heard the sentence, “Lean can’t work here – this isn’t Japan”? Probably more than you can remember. Here’s why national traits are simply another excuse for a failed attempt to change.

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