Interviews By: Unai Abrisqueta

Small batches and clever use of space for great flexibility

space optimisation small batches 365THE LEAN BAKERY – In this episode of our video series, we visit 365's super-lean workshop, where small batches and a clever use of space allow for unprecedented levels of flexibility in manufacture.

Words/interviewee: Unai Abrisqueta, Production Manager, 365.café - Barcelona

Production is where the 365 lean journey really began. Over the years, we have worked very hard to perfect our mastery of the process and deepen our understanding of the work, so that we can always find better ways to do things. This is the key of our success: lean has enabled us to adapt continuously to any changes we experience or problems we encounter.

With a network of 100 shops to supply, thousands of product to make every day and a workshop that only measures 650 square meters, being clever is pretty much the only way we can cope. So, in this video, I will show you how we optimize our space by using different parts of our small facility for different activities at different times of the day, and I will explain how order picking and deliveries fit into this Tetris-like system.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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Unai Abrisqueta is Production Manager at 365.café in Barcelona.

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