Interviews By: Leonidia Maria Altoé

The experience of a value stream manager in a lean hospital

value stream lean managerINTERVIEW - What happens in an organization after a move from silos to value streams? In this video, a Value Stream Manager from a Brazilian cancer treatment center shares her experience.

Interviewee: Leonidia Maria Altoé, Value Stream Manager, Instituto de Oncologia do Vale - Brazil

Too many organizations still have a vertical structure based on silos and functions. Lean thinking calls for a dramatic change in the way the work takes place, based on value streams. At IOV, a cancer treatment center located in São José dos Campos, that's exactly what we did.

In the below interview, I explain what the change meant to me and my colleagues, how it made our jobs easier and how it dramatically improved outcomes for patients. 

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Leonidia Maria Altoe photograph

Leonidia Maria Altoé is a Value Stream Manager at IOV, in Brazil.

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