Using lean to gain a competitive advantage

lean strategy Soditel

How this SME made lean its strategy for sustainable growth

The Green IT Club kaizen

Meet the club experimenting with IT and sustainability

kaizen karakuri lean work

Here is the proof that kaizen leads to real innovation

Mifune supply chain management Toyota

Walking the gemba at a Toyota parts supplier in Japan

Gemba walk Alliance Chabiron

People development and competitivess – the Alliance story

Proditec gemba walk Chabiron

A gemba walk at a manufacturer of tablet inspecting machines

SNCF train maintenance

Follow the gemba walk in a SNCF train maintenance center

Terex Cranes obeya

The story of the lean transformation of a crane manufacturer

Features Sep 7, 2018
BUILDING BRIDGES – In another article for their series, lean digital company Theodo tells us about their efforts to measure and reduce its lead-time to deliver product features.
Features Sep 5, 2018
FEATURE – Enabling its people to think autonomously about problems and fostering collaboration among departments is allowing a French company that makes and installs playgrounds to thrive.
Features Sep 3, 2018
FEATURE – The power of cross-pollination: learning from a manufacturing company has helped a cancer treatment center in Brazil to thrive in its lean transformation.
Interviews Aug 30, 2018
GETTING TO KNOW US – We continue our series of interviews with key Lean Global Network people with a chat with the President of Holland-based Lean Management Instituut.
Lean Management Aug 28, 2018
WOMACK’S YOKOTEN – The author discusses the benefits that the many family businesses making up our economies can harness from embracing lean management.
Features Aug 24, 2018
FEATURE – Leading lean transformations in different countries is often considered a challenge. The author claims it’s not as difficult as normally assumed, so long as you stick to the lean fundamentals.
Interviews Aug 22, 2018
INTERVIEW – The Chief of Agile at Toyota Connected tells us about the agility journey of Toyota and explains why the divide between lean thinking and Agile has no reason to exist.
Interviews Aug 20, 2018
INTERVIEW – We chat with the CEO of a construction company in Dubai to learn about the competitive advantage that lean thinking is providing them.
Features Aug 16, 2018
FEATURE – The continuous flow of developing people’s capabilities throughout their studies and careers is lacking, to say the least. It’s time we saw this as one big value chain.