Lean Improv Contest

Calling all lean thinkers! Planet Lean wants to help you celebrate the contribution of your front-line employees to the achievement of your organization’s True North. Today, we are launching our Lean Improv contest. Put one of your lean people (whether an operator, team leader, group leader, cell leader, supervisor or, at best, a middle manager) in front of a camera – a smartphone will do – and video them as they explain the best/most creative/most impactful lean improvement they have led or participated in.

A few guidelines:

  • Videos shouldn’t exceed 3 minutes.
  • If you don’t have professional equipment, you can shoot your video with a smartphone.
  • We are not looking for professional videos. Just make sure it is easy to see the person and hear them talk.
  • The person in the video should be a front-line employee, or a middle manager at best. We want to celebrate their work!
  • The kaizen chosen to appear in the video should be the person’s favorite, most creative or impactful improvement.
  • The video should explain the initial situation the kaizen aimed to improve, share details on the improvement itself, and outline the impact it had on the process.
  • We welcome submissions in all languages, but ask that you add English subtitles to your videos should you not shoot them in English. (See below a YouTube tutorial on how to add subtitles to a video using PremierePro.)
  • Show, no tell. As much as possible, show us boards, tools, graphs or physical changes you have implemented.
  • Make sure you don’t share or show information you can’t disclose. By sharing your videos with us, you implicitly grant us permission to publish them (should they win the contest).

Once you have your three-minute video, send it to contest@planet-lean.com (we recommend you use a platform like WeTransfer to send what’s likely going to be a rather large file). The top three kaizens – selected by our exclusive panel – will appear on Planet Lean as part of a special feature in the autumn. They will also be published on PL’s YouTube account.

The deadline for submissions is October 31st. For any questions, contact us on contest@planet-lean.com

We look forward to your submissions!

Roberto Priolo, Editor, Planet Lean