/Introducing the Lean Global Connection

Introducing the Lean Global Connection

John Shook introduces the Lean Global Connection

VIDEO INTERVIEW – In this conversation with our editor, John Shook discusses Lean Thinking post-pandemic and its role tackling large-scale problems, and introduces an upcoming free event you don’t want to miss.

Interviewee: John Shook, Chairman, Lean Global Network

Interviewer: Roberto Priolo, Editor, Planet Lean

Interviewee highlights:

  • 1:43: What is the role of Lean Thinking in the post-pandemic world?
  • 7:22: What can you tell us about the adaptability lean firms have showed in the “new normal”?
  • 10:54: Lean, global challenges and the Lean Global Network
  • 16:56: Introducing the Lean Global Connection
  • 23:15: What to expect from this event content-wise?
  • 34:12: What is your presentation going to focus on?

Join us at the Lean Global Connection on November 29-30. Main stage of the event is free of charge! Register here.


John Shook photo

John Shook is Chairman of the Lean Global Network.