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Having fun with lean

A quiz for lean learning

INTERVIEW – As the Lean Global Connection approaches, we learn more about one of the sessions attendees will be able to enjoy and how a game can make lean learning fun.

Interviewee: René Aernoudts, President, Lean Management Instituut – The Netherlands

Planet Lean: Tell us about your session at the upcoming Lean Global Connection, please.

René Aernoudts: I have been using multi-choice questions during breaks between training presentations for years. In time, this led to a quiz, which in turn led to a Lean Learning Game Show. My colleagues and I have run this at several events, and people have always loved it. So, I decided to offer this lean quiz again at the Lean Global Connection.

In the original version of the game, there are simulation, problem-solving exercises, crossword puzzles, debates, questions on the history of lean, multiple-choice questions (things like “PDCA stands for what?”), and other elements. We will do the multiple choice, maybe some open questions. Some of the game modules cannot be done online, but I think an adaption of it will still be great for people to experience.

The game caters to a wide audience, as it is both entertaining and informative. Additionally, I am going to run it on both day one and two, at different times so that people in different time zones can enjoy.

PL: What kind of feedback have you been getting on the game?

RA: People find it to be a fun way of learning. It’s engaging and it helps people to think together to come up with the solutions to the questions.

The feedback I got from some senior managers is that the game is eye-opening. I remember, in particular, what a senior exec from an Italian company told me. At one point in the game, participants were asked to defend their opinion on the statement, “Shortening lead-times is always a good thing. Do you agree or disagree?”. It was a stimulating, even heated debate. The executive got frustrated during the game, as he assumed he knew best, but later told me how much of a wake-up call this was for him. The game shows you the gaps you need to fill, where your understanding of lean is lacking. It tests your knowledge of Lean Thinking in a fun way!

PL: What does the Lean Global Connection event mean for the Lean Global Network?

RA: This is the first time we collaborate on a global event. This will be a unique event and I am sure it will be great learning for us, too. It is a bold experiment, and I am sure there will be hiccups here and there… but, as ever, at LGN we learn as we go. Regardless, I am sure it will be a great event. I am looking forward to hearing cases from around the world and getting some inspiration.

Join us at the upcoming Lean Global Connection online event. Access to the event’s main stage is FREE. Click here to register.

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René Aernoudts is President of Lean Management Instituut in the Netherlands.