/In another roundup, the best stories from The Lean Post
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In another roundup, the best stories from The Lean Post

lean post 3FEATURE ARTICLE – It’s been another month of great content for The Lean Post. Here is a roundup of the best articles appeared on our sister publication in January.

  • It’s the Productivity, Not the People

In one memorable lean project, Craig Stritar found himself on a large fish-processing vessel in the Bering Sea that was plagued by poor productivity levels. The supervisors insisted that inadequate staffing was the problem – Craig begged to differ. His transformation would require a specialized approach, in which he would not be able to use any lean terminology. Find out how he did it.

  • The Value of a Day in Product Development

Lean product and process development is known for having principles that are somewhat counterintuitive: for example, slowing down your development cycles in an industry where every second counts? Absolutely! Bella Englebach and Susan Wendel of Janssen Pharmaceuticals share more on why this is so critical.

  • The Problem of Partial Participation: Why Failing to Fully Commit to Lean Is Not An Option. An Interview with Chris Vogel

It’s surprising how many lean implementations fail due to an organization’s employees not fully embracing the idea. There are many root causes of this common problem, but Chris Vogel points the finger at flawed leadership. Read more on the problems with partial participation in lean and how a simple change in leadership style can resolve it.

  • Death Spirals: Why You Should Embark on a Lean Product Development

Anyone who’s tried to implement a lean product development initiative knows that getting leadership onboard is no easy task. In her first piece for the Lean Post, Suzanne van Egmond explores some reasons behind why this is so difficult – and what we can do about it.