/LEI Hungary mentors Bosch’s academy student

LEI Hungary mentors Bosch’s academy student

NEWS – Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary announced it is taking part in the Bosch Lean Academy project, providing mentoring to higher education students.

Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems has signed an agreement with the University of Miskolc, Hungary, to set up the Bosch Lean Academy to arm students with lean skills before they leave higher education.

LGN’s affiliate LEI Hungary will also be involved, providing mentorship and training to the students enrolled in the program.

Dr Max Nitzsche, the Plant Manager at Bosch, said: “The new collaboration agreement makes the most of the university’s research and teaching capabilities and of Bosch’s experience in the practical application of technical knowledge.”

Uwe Mang, Commercial Plant Manager, added: “We are joining forces with the university to provide students at the Bosch Lean Academy with thorough knowledge and applicable practical skills.”

The teaching and development of practical lean skills started in September with a pilot masters course in the Economics Faculty of the University of Miskolc.

Students on the lean course, and later the lean masters degree, will be taught at Miskolc University, where Bosch staff are regular lecturers. Simulation exercises will take place at Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft, supported by a mentoring team composed of technical departmental heads, company staff and the Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary.{jcomments off}