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In another roundup, the best stories from The Lean Post

FEATURE ARTICLE - It's been another month of great content for The Lean Post. Here is a roundup of the best articles appeared on our sister publication in January.

How to make the most of the support provided by lean consultants

ARTICLE – Most organizations rely on the support of lean consultants to bring their transformations forward, but how can they make the most of their expertise and knowledge?
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How to apply lean principles and lean tools to accounting

ARTICLE - Every part of an organization can benefit from the adoption of lean principles, but what about accounting? Here are a few useful tips to efficiently close the books at the end of each month.

LIA helping Gauteng hospitals get lean

NEWS - The Guateng Department of Health and Lean Institute Africa have initiated a program to improve staff efficiency and reduce patient waiting times in provincial hospitals.
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In your lean transformation process or result oriented?

ARTICLE – Is your organization process-oriented or results-oriented? The fourth article of Hazards on the road to lean looks at what happens when you focus on the what, but not on the how.
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A former assistant manager recounts his time at Toyota

FEATURE - The author looks back at his many years with Toyota and shares some of the key lessons he learned along the way. What a unique company!