Using lean to gain a competitive advantage

lean strategy Soditel

How this SME made lean its strategy for sustainable growth

The Green IT Club kaizen

Meet the club experimenting with IT and sustainability

kaizen karakuri lean work

Here is the proof that kaizen leads to real innovation

Mifune supply chain management Toyota

Walking the gemba at a Toyota parts supplier in Japan

Aramis Auto gamba lean startup

Walking the gemba at French start-up Aramis Auto

gemba walk Paris Ouest Construction

How a construction company survived the recession using lean

Gemba walk Alliance Chabiron

People development and competitivess – the Alliance story

Proditec gemba walk Chabiron

A gemba walk at a manufacturer of tablet inspecting machines

Hôpital Lariboisière lean in healthcare

The first steps of a Paris hospital towards lean healthcare

SNCF train maintenance

Follow the gemba walk in a SNCF train maintenance center

Terex Cranes obeya

The story of the lean transformation of a crane manufacturer

Features Aug 8, 2018
BUILDING BRIDGES – A member of the Theodo team tells us about their attempts to improve the performance of their Web apps using lean principles.
Interviews Aug 6, 2018
INTERVIEW – We have come to dread having to interact with customer support representatives, and quite rightly so. Basecamp has made it a mission to bring humanity back to this interaction.
Case studies Aug 2, 2018
CASE STUDY – The author looks back at the impressive lean transformation of the Hungarian plant of Coloplast, a Danish company offering medical devices and services.
Womack's Yokoten Jul 31, 2018
WOMACK’S YOKOTEN – As tariffs spread, the author explains where forcing production to move overnight is wasteful, particularly for lean producers.
Interviews Jul 27, 2018
GETTING TO KNOW US – We sit for a chat with the President of Institut Lean France. Not only has ILF created a vibrant community of lean CEOs in France; it also launched one of the most innovative lean events out there.
Features Jul 24, 2018
FEATURE – The author offers an overview of the ingredients that made lean thinking what it is, of the 30 years of incubation it underwent at Toyota, and of its diffusion from 1980 onwards.
Interviews Jul 23, 2018
VIDEO INTERVIEW – A store manager explains how a simple kaizen reduced waiting times for customers who want to return products. We use today’s video to launch our Lean Improv contest.
Features Jul 19, 2018
FEATURE – In this frank account, a senior executive discusses the challenges facing an oil and gas company as it tries to manage the complexity of its upstream and downstream supply chains.
Features Jul 17, 2018
FEATURE – The role of the coach in a lean transformation is an often-debated topic. The author discusses his experience building the architecture of the Halfway turnaround.