Using lean to gain a competitive advantage

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How this SME made lean its strategy for sustainable growth

The Green IT Club kaizen

Meet the club experimenting with IT and sustainability

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Here is the proof that kaizen leads to real innovation

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Walking the gemba at a Toyota parts supplier in Japan

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People development and competitivess – the Alliance story

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A gemba walk at a manufacturer of tablet inspecting machines

SNCF train maintenance

Follow the gemba walk in a SNCF train maintenance center

Terex Cranes obeya

The story of the lean transformation of a crane manufacturer

Interviews Oct 9, 2018
INTERVIEW - Grey Dube reflects on the approach, challenges and successes of becoming a lean CEO, and on how this helped turn Leratong Hospital into a lean organization.
Interviews Oct 5, 2018
INTERVIEW – In this thought-provoking conversation, Michael Ballé and Mark Graban discuss metrics and the managerial attitude towards tracking them.
Case studies Oct 3, 2018
CASE STUDY – A Turkish producer of gas valves for kitchen appliances has discovered the power of the lean principles of pull and flow, reaching results beyond its imagination.
Features Oct 1, 2018
FEATURE – How “Double-Loop PDCA” was discovered due to a problem with implementing a lean daily management system in a South African hospital.
Features Sep 27, 2018
GETTING TO KNOW US – Earlier this month, our editor visited Istanbul to learn about the work Lean Institute Turkey is doing to spread lean in Turkey and beyond. He sat down with the institute’s President for a chat.
Features Sep 25, 2018
FEATURE – This Dutch company decided to start its lean journey by involving its suppliers in the improvement work. We hear from both customer and supplier.
Features Sep 21, 2018
FEATURE – The application of lean management to education is not new, but we all know how hard changing legacy systems is. This greenfield lean school aims higher, trying to rethink learning altogether.
Features Sep 19, 2018
FEATURE – The belief that standardization kills creativity can be a severe hindrance in a lean transformation. The author discusses how he convinced his team of architects to give standards a try.
Features Sep 17, 2018
FEATURE – Following a recent visit to Toyota, the authors strive to challenge popular beliefs and shed a light on the underlying philosophy that has made TPS a success for over half a century.