Interviews Nov 18, 2021
INTERVIEW – The Lean Transformation Framework has become a reference for many organizations around the world. In this Q&A, Dave Brunt discusses its impact and tells us what LTF content will be available at the Lean Global Connection.
Interviews Nov 15, 2021
INTERVIEW – With the Lean Global Connection just two weeks away, we learn more about the lean healthcare content available to attendees.
Features Nov 11, 2021
FEATURE - Imagine targeting a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by setting our lean minds to it? The authors discuss building better, circular supply chains and designing sustainable products.
Interviews Nov 8, 2021
INTERVIEW – As the Lean Global Connection approaches, we learn more about one of the sessions attendees will be able to enjoy and how a game can make lean learning fun.
Case studies Nov 4, 2021
CASE STUDY – The turning point in this Colombian construction company’s transformation came when they started to embrace lean as a culture rather than just a set of tools.
Features Nov 1, 2021
FEATURE – The introduction of a new process can be disruptive to an organization’s improvement efforts. But what if the process were designed to be lean from the start?
Interviews Oct 28, 2021
INTERVIEW – PL meets the author of the recently published book Welcome Problems, Find Success, who discusses bringing lean to different cultures and changing managerial behaviors.
Interviews Oct 25, 2021
VIDEO INTERVIEW - In this conversation with our editor, John Shook discusses Lean Thinking post-pandemic and its role tackling large-scale problems, and introduces an upcoming free event you don't want to miss.
Features Oct 21, 2021
FEATURE – Fresh from a number of visits to Norwegian gemba, the authors share their reflections and discuss the importance of making the information flow visible.