/Faster delivery, happier customer

Faster delivery, happier customer

WEB SERIES – In the fourth and final episode of Season 1 of our docuseries, we visit home improvement and gardening retailer Leroy Merlin and learn about their efforts to lean out their supply chain.

Scripted, edited and narrated by: Roberto Priolo

Supplying 47 stores across a huge country like Brazil in a timely fashion is something of a tall order. Leroy Merlin hope to soon be able to guarantee delivery to customer anywhere in the country within three days and, to get there, it is building on the lean work that’s taking place across its supply chain operations. From streamlining operations in their massive Distribution Center to restocking stores more quickly, Leroy Merlin is determined to provide quicker and better service to its customers.

Thank you to Lean Institute Brasil for facilitating this visit.


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Roberto Priolo is Editor of Planet Lean and Head of Communications at Lean Global Network.