/You say garbage, I say opportunity

You say garbage, I say opportunity

WEB SERIES – Season 2 is here! In the first episode of this season, we visit a company in Chile that shows us how sustainability can be the cornerstone of an improvement project… and not just an afterthought.

Scripted, edited and narrated by: Roberto Priolo

In its production of packaging products and film, Winpack strives to reuse as much material as possible. What can’t be re-integrated in production goes to the company’s recycling plant, which we visit in today’s episode. By analyzing the composition and origin of the garbage it receives, the team was able to come up with ways to minimize the generate of that waste in the first place – contributing to the circular economy and lowering its environmental footprint. Their experience shows that sustainability can be the focus of a lean project from the beginning and not just something that produces nice-to-have externalities.

Thank you to Lean Institute Chile for facilitating this visit.


Roberto Priolo

Roberto Priolo is Editor of Planet Lean and Head of Communications at Lean Global Network.