/Managing a chain of 100 cafes in Barcelona with lean
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Managing a chain of 100 cafes in Barcelona with lean

lean retail 365 shopsTHE LEAN BAKERY – For the past decade, lean has fuelled the growth of a chain of cafes/bakeries in Barcelona. With 100 now open, the Retail Manager explains how lean helps them manage a booming business.

Interviewee: Emi Castro, Retail Manager, 365.café

You might have heard our story: a business in trouble discovers lean and turns things around so dramatically it is now booming. Our chain of over 100 cafés/bakeries in and around Barcelona has been growing so much over the past decade, and if we have been able to manage this growth it is thanks to lean thinking.

Our lean experiments started in our main workshop (more on that in a few weeks), and only reached our “shops” a little later. But when they did, they truly transformed our way of working.

In the short video interview below, Eva and Conchi (two of our coaches) and I explain how we manage the shops day after day, how we organize the work, and how lean is helping us open new cafés quickly and easily. There will be two more episodes on the retail side of our business in February, so make sure to come to Planet Lean next month.

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You can read all about the 365 story in The Lean Bakery.

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Emi Castro is Retail Manager at 365.café in Barcelona.