/Visit the stock-free workshop of our lean bakery
lean bakery workshop gemba walk

Visit the stock-free workshop of our lean bakery

lean bakery workshop gemba walkTHE LEAN BAKERY – In the second video in the series, we visit the stock-free workshop of one of 365’s lean bakeries and learn about quality bread, customer focus and making lives easier for bakers.

Interviewee: Jesus Marquez, process engineer, 365.café

In the previous video, Emi explained how our chain of 100+ bakeries is managed using lean. Today, I would like to tell you more about what goes on in the back of our shops/bakeries.

I will show you one of our “365 Obrador” shops, a new concept of bakery that brings together show cooking, lean thinking and customer focus. In these bakeries, we make bread on site rather than having it delivered from our central workshop like we used to. The most striking thing for a newcomer might be the very small size of the workshop and the complete lack of inventory – we have learned long ago that more space always translates into more waste. We focus on keeping our supply system as efficient as possible to keep only what’s strictly necessary.

Watch the video below to learn how we are ensuring we offer the highest-quality products to our customers, and how we are improving the lives of our bakers in the process.

You can read all about the 365 story in The Lean Bakery.

 The Lean Bakery book cover

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Jesus Marquez photograph

Jesus Marquez is a process engineer with 365.café in Barcelona.